Friday, October 15, 2010

The ULTIMATE Family Vacation

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You know, being as pregnant as I am, I am READY for a vacation.  A vacation away from this huge belly, a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and a vacation that involves no worrying.  Before I got pregnant for the first time my now husband and I planned on traveling before we settled down and had a family.  That idea was cut short when we found out we were expecting (Pill fail!).  I had dreamed of the lush rolling hills of Ireland, the delicious foods and wines of Italy and Big Ben in England.  The surprise pregnancy scared me and made me feel as though I will never travel the world as I once hoped.  Well, today I am expecting baby number 2 (our last child) and I dream of family vacations and couple retreats.  It seems like the light is starting to shine its way through the tunnel.

When I lay in bed at night I like to talk to my husband about my dreams and my aspirations.  I tell him about how I would love to take the boys to places such as the Grand Canyon, Washington DC and Disney World.  I often find myself day dreaming about giving my family the knowledge and culture that I never had as a child.  I haven't been to the Grand Canyon (I've flown over it) and I haven't visited our nation's capitol.  These are items on my checklist of life.  I think that it is family vacations like these that are not only fun and exciting but also double as great learning experiences!  

I live in Michigan and this state is very beautiful.  Many people travel to Michigan to enjoy our gorgeous beaches, fall foliage and Mackinac Island.  Very few people realize that Michigan is actually two separate peninsulas.  I grew up in the UP and I now live in the LP (Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula).  Mackinac Island is such a great day trip for us to take (better if you take a couple of days) because you get to experience fun things such as ferry rides, horse-draw carriage tours and historic buildings.  The governors mansion is also nestled on the Island.  Don't forget the Mackinaw Bridge which is the longest suspension bridge in the Americas!  

No matter where we choose to vacation as a family the most important thing is that we are together.  Spending quality time as a family is priceless and something that I very much look forward to in the days ahead as a family of 4!

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Tamara B. said...

I too would love to take the children to Washington D.C.. I think it would be a really great learning and fun experience for all of us.