Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Tips for New Moms Who Are Bringing a Baby Home

Since I just had a baby last week I thought I would take the time to answer TwitterMoms question of healthy ways/tips to bring baby home.  I mean, since it is fresh in my head.  Here are the things that I have done to ensure my house and car are healthy enough to bring home a baby.....

1. Clean your carpets.  There are many commercial places that provide eco-friendly cleaning options that do not leach chemicals into your carpeting.  It is important that your carpets are clean especially if you plan on using baby gyms that are placed on the floor.

2. Clean the nooks and crannies.  Ok, maybe its just me but I made my husband clean all the baseboards and corners of the house that are sometimes overlooked.  Even though I am a breastfeeding Mommy and allergies are helped due to breastmilk, I thought it was so important to do this.

3. If you have pets it might be a great idea to bathe them so their dander is at a minimum.  I let my husband do this because I couldn't bend over.  Giving your pets a good brushing would do some good too because hair will be everywhere including in baby's diaper!

4. Clean your car.  You will be driving your new precious bundle home so you should make sure that your car is clean and ready for the baby carseat!  It might also be a good idea to get an oil change and fill your tank up with gas too, just in case.

5. Clean your hand-me-downs.  Since I am using a lot of Dexter's things with Oliver I decided to rewash them all just because they have been sitting for over 2 years and even though they were stored clean doesn't mean they aren't dusty.  You can never be too clean around the new baby!

6. Is your bathroom clean?  Now that I have baby number two I am challenged with incorporating my toddler into daily routines with baby.  I want Dexter to feel needed so I have done my best letting him help with Oliver whenever I can.  This means shared bath time.  Since Ollie is too little to be in a bathtb I have placed his baby tub in the tub with Dexter so they can bathe "together".  In order to do this I made sure my bathroom was sterile clean because I don't need any foreign ickies around my new bundle of joy!

7. Bottles, bottles and bottles oh my!  If you are also reusing bottles from your previous children a nice hot trip to the dishwasher might be a great idea.  I made sure I cleaned and sterilized Dexter's glass bottles prior to storing them but I want to make sure no bacteria was harboring in these gorgeous milky vessels.

8. Don't have a toddler.  You think I am kidding don't you but when I asked my husband what tip he had this was his response.  I thought it was funny because I totally got it.  Dexter likes to take his toys and strew them across the house.  He also drops food on the floor and he wipes his snotty nose in the weirdest places (my boppy thank.you.very.much).

9. Clean your curtains.  You may give little thought to your drapery but maybe you should.  They are often overlooked and are probably quite dusty.  Allergens not only effect baby but also you and your baby daddy too and if Mama ain't happy, ain't no body happy.  Remember that!

10. Clean yourself up a little.  I found it necessary to clean up myself a little bit with a mani and pedi as well as a great shave before I gave birth.  Why you ask?  Well I think it doesn't something for your well-being when you are clean and ready for the big occasion.

Let me leave you with a picture of my new precious baby whom I love more than anything else in this planet *except Dexter because they are even in my book*

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he is sooooo absolutely beautiful..

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He is precious!! Congratulations!!

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