Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wisk-Pamper Me Oil Stain Experiment

I have to admit something very serious.  I hate laundry and I loathe stains.  I really wish I could just throw all laundry into the machine and voila, it is clean!  Alas, I am not that fortunate.  I will say one thing.  Over the course of the last month that I have been using and introducing the new Wisk to you I have been shocked by it's ability to eradicate stains from my family's clothing.  Just this week I tackled breastmilk poopies, umbilical cord gunk (you know what I'm talking about), oil stains, carbohydrate stains and the dreaded grass stains!  What do I have to show for all of my diligence?  Clean clothes!

Just today I was asked to tackle oil stains and to share with you the outcome.  Here is my picture collage of the event.  Please note that I would NEVER, I mean never use CoverGirl products but I had to today in the name of science.  I am too eco-friendly for that chemical-laden garbage (parabens, mineral oil etc).

So here I am beautifying myself.  Who am I kidding, I just had a baby 10 days ago, nothing could make me feel beautiful at this point, not even some lipgloss.  

                                          ...but that color sure looks nice on me!

Oops, got some on my hand towel.  What am I to do?

                                         Wisk it, thats what I ought to do.  So I covered the stain....

                                         and used my handy, dandy toothbrush to scrub for 15 seconds.
                                         Rinse under warm water until the suds are gone and then...
                                        be impressed, be very impressed because Wisk rescued your towel!

If you ask me $5.99 is a steal for a detergent that is bio-degradeable and provides a clean so deep that you only need to scrub for 15 seconds to get even the toughest stains to surrender.  I have never been so happy with a product before.  I have made it a point to tell everyone I know about this stain-fighter.  I don't use it as a detergent, I solely use it as a stain-treater but hey, it lasts longer that way!

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**This post was compensated as part of the Wisk Campaign with One2One Network.  The information, details, and thoughts are completely my own, especially my desire to eradicate stains from my family's clothing!**


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