Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keeping it Real in '11-Diary Entry 2

Today is day 11 on my dairy-free diet.  This is by far the strongest testament of my strength that I have ever endured.  If it wasn't for the fact that Oliver's eczema is getting better and his poop is starting to get mustardy again I am not sure I could still go through with this.  I miss my cheese and butter, a lot!  I do have to mention that this is getting easier but I am far from "not-quite-missing-it".

Being a Mom is not an easy job.  I can't say that I expected it to be but I didn't expect someone as selfish as me to be so selfless.  This is my new life.  This is the new me.  I became a Mom in February of 2008 and prior to that I was a carefree person who hated sharing anything, especially food.  I know that sounds weird but hey,we all have our vices.  I also was a sleeper.  Oh boy did I LOVE sleeping.  I literally would go to bed around 1 every night morning and I would wake up around noon the following day.  It was bliss <3

WOW, being a Mom sure has taught me that a lot of new life lessons.  I now know that some of the best days start well before 8 am and sharing food is not nearly as hard as sharing my entire self.  I no longer get to pick up and go when I want (or where I want for that matter).   I no longer have control over the TV because Dora the Explorer has reluctantly replaced Days of Our Lives.  I no longer think that the grossest thing I ever did was kiss that weird boy in middle school because now I have eaten a chewed-up and spit-out piece of chicken off of my child's dinner plate.  I have learned how to successfully wipe someone else's butt and nose, sometimes at the same time.  Dave Matthews concerts and tailgating with friends have given way to the Fresh Beat Band and picnics in the park.  F Bombs have given way to the ABCs and speeding tickets are no longer on my driving record.  I realize now more than ever that my actions don't just affect me anymore as I have two children that depend on me for everything.

I am not going to lie.  There are days that I miss the old me.  Not just the old me but the old us.  I miss being just me and my husband.  Before we had kids we never fought over housework, TV time and other silly things because these weren't an issue.  I absolutely would not change my life for anything except a full nights sleep and a fancy dinner date with my husband.  Being a Mom has changed me for the better because I no longer live for the here and now, I live for the future.  Each little hug, slobbery kiss and "tank you" are more than enough reward for the hard work and sacrifices that I go through being a Mom.

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Sarah said...

Very true! As a Mom of 5, I can hardly remember what life was like without children. I love sleep and food, but it is so worth every kiss, hug and I love you.

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