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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping it Real in '11-My Dairy Free Breastfeeding Diet

So in an effort to "Keep it Real in '11" lets talk about boobs.  I have always been fond of boobies and it wasn't until I had Dexter and starting breastfeeding did I really appreciate what I had.  I remember looking at this perfect child and thinking "wow, I made grew him in my belly and now I am single-handedly sustaining his life!"  Well now I get that same satisfaction with baby number two.  I catch myself staring at Oliver's little rolls and silently patting myself on the back for a job well done.

Breastfeeding is the hardest but most rewarding thing that I have ever done.  It also takes a lot of patience.  I try to pump each time I feed Oliver so I can create a stash.  Being a Mom who works outside of the home it is imperative that I get a lot of milk frozen so I can ensure lots of milk for Oliver's little belly when I am away.

These two pictures represent both of my freezers.  I have about 300 ounces of milk stored and ready for the hungry baby.  They are stored in my Lasinoh bags because I love them a ton (I bought them myself after trying several brands).  They are thicker than most brands and I love that they say "My Mommy's Milk" on them!  SWEET!

Here comes my dilemma.  I have noticed that Oliver has really green mucus-y poop and awful eczema on his face.  He has also been pretty colicky since about 3 weeks of age and I am thinking it has to do with my dairy intake.  I am a cheese-milk-sour cream-butter aholic.  I absolutely love dairy in every form, especially butter and ice cream.  If something was dairy-free, I added cheese or butter to it to make it Maggie-rific.  Well today is Day 4 of no dairy and this is the HARDEST diet I have ever done.  I have also lost 3.5 pounds so far.  Big shocker considering 85% of my diet is dairy laden.

Oh did I mention that all of that glorious milk that you see above is not dairy free!!??  WTF am I suppose to do?  I hope this is something he outgrows so I am able to feed it to him but if not I guess I will donate it to Eats on Feets.  That will kill me.  I am not sure where to go from here because I don't have a milk-free milk stash yet but each day is a new day and I sure am trying.  Trying is all I've got.

Do you have any special dairy free recipes for me to try?  If so I am dying to hear about them.


Katy said...

Wow!! What a stash! I learned that most dairy intolerances are outgrown by 2, and a lot of babies can eventually go back to milk that has dairy in it. If not, you can always donate it!

We did a lot of grilled meats, and I found that my daughter was ok with goat's cheese, so I was able to add some cheese back into my diet.

Good Luck, and let me know if you need some support! It's certainly not easy!

JustCorey said...

I had to go dairy free for a few weeks for my little one... I am also a milk and cheese a holic so it was really tough for me... i found out that my son wasnt having an intollerance to the dairy in my milk so i was able to start back pretty quick
I don't have any dairy free recipes because i add cheese or milk in everything... but when i was going dairy free i ended up doing a lot of rice or pasta and bean/meat dishes

Heidi Helene(NoNoSugarMomma, Helpful Heidi's Hints)) said...

I have no idea what kinds of tips I can give you, but you sure have my sympathy. All I can think is...bless her heart. Good luck to you and your baby. I'm glad you're doing your best to be healthful for him!

Calley said...

WOW! All I can think of is giving you a great big hug! Good luck my dear with this one...I can't give you much advice. Bailey has mild eczema but switching to almond milk in our diets seems to help. The flare ups are so mild that I haven't had to avoid any other diary products in our diets. Hopefully he will outgrow it. Yikes!

YUMMama said...

Yes, you will certainly have to avoid dairy products. Moo had the same problem. Thankfully, there are a lot of good soy products out there that taste just as good. For meals that require milk I used Silkk. I cut out yogurt and cheese, except for pizza every couple of months.

I also cut out ice cream and took up eating frozen fruit, soy smoothies and Italian ice. Good luck with the new diet. And for his I would try bathing him every other day with Dove (sensitive skin kind) and coating him with Aquaphor every 2 to 4 hours. Also, cotton clothes will allow his skin to breathe and maintain more moisture.

Anonymous said...

I had to go dairy and soy free for my super fussy little boy, but after 4 months I read that their little tummies are more developed so I reintroduced them slowly with no problem. You could save your milk til then (and if he doesn't react to your boobmilk then, you will be good to go).

Alisa Fleming said...

Considering how much dairy it sounds like you were eating, it is totally normal to feel some "withdrawals" and mad cravings a few days in. It may not feel like comfort now, but give it a few weeks, the cravings will start to subside.

The most important thing is putting together menus and snacks so you are never hungry. When we trial a new diet, we usually cheat when we aren't used to the diet and can't figure out what to eat. Cut it off at the pass!

My entire blog is dairy-free recipes (see the link in my name for Alisa Cooks) and you can see my website for more help too - If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Good luck!

royaldixie said...

All of your comments are so meaningful to me. Thanks for all of the support ladies!