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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Medela Labeling and Storage System Review

Medela makes some of the best breastfeeding products out there.  I adore my Medela breastfeeding storage bottles and my Medela Harmony Manual pump.  Recently, I was asked to review their new Labeling and Storage System.  Having a 12 week old that loves to breastfeed and having to work out
of the house is not an easy task!  Most nights, Oliver refuses to take a bottle because it's not me!  There are nights that I am at work where Oliver will go 6+ hours with barely any milk because he prefers his Momma <3  

Typically I pump my milk at almost every nursing session so I can have extras for when I am at work.  Now that Oliver is getting bigger he seems to be emptying both sides so I have a hard time finding any extras!  Before I received the Labeling and Storage System from Medela I would just pump and refrigerate.  Milk very rarely made it more than a day in the fridge before I would freeze it in my Lasinoh bags!  This system helps to take the guess work out of which milk to feed Ollie and when.   The tray has two arrows on either side representing "In" and "Out".  You can see from my picture below that the freshest milk is down on the right hand side of the tray and the bottle up top (ready on a moment's notice) is closest to the "Out" arrow so as to be used first.

My absolute favorite part of the system is the revolutionary (my word) caps for the Medela bottles.  They feature a wheel that has each day of the week listed on it and an arrow that allows you to mark which day of the week your milk was pumped (harvested seems like a funnier word) and what time of day.  See for yourself that the milk I pumped (pictured below) was harvested (oh yeah, I like that!) on Thursday night.

If you don't want to buy the whole Labeling and Storage System from Medela (that comes with two bottles and two lids and one tray) then you can purchase the lids separately!  

What I love about the system:
*The bottles and lids are BPA Free
*The lids are awesome and worth every penny
*The size of the bottles (5 oz)

What I don't care for:
*The tray is quite cumbersome and not very necessary
*Retails for $16.99 when I can pay $9.49 for 6 lids to use with my Medela bottles that I already have

This was suppose to be a giveaway but I was not told that one of the sets that they sent me was for the giveaway.  Since I pump a lot I tore the packages open and went to town sanitizing and using my new Medela bottles.  BUMMER I know but completely not my fault.  I will host my own reader appreciation giveaway.....see my next post.

*I received this item for review compliments of Medela and MomSelect and no other compensation was provided.  The opinions are all my own and I was not obligated to write a positive review*


lollyjo71 said...

Totally wish this had been available when I was breastfeeding and pumping. Loved my Medela breast pump and used it for 3 kids (6 years)

Melissa said...

This looks nice but as a full-time WOHM with a few hundred ounces in the freezer, I don't think it would have worked well for me. I use the Lansinoh storage bags for each session (generally two per session) and put each week's frozen Lansinoh bags in a gallon freezer bag. That has worked for me for the last 12+ months!

Dawn Justice said...

I would've loved to had this when I needed them. Especially since they are BPA free! Thanks for sharing will remember these if I ever decide to travel that road again.

Janet W. said...

What a nice storage system for any breastfeeding mom!

Helga said...

Very helpful and makes life easier!

RealtorSD said...

I like that they are BPA free as well. I prefer to use the storage bags.