Friday, February 4, 2011

The Flu is Not Welcome in My House

The Flu is not welcome in my house.  I do everything I can to prevent it from coming in and taking over.  I got the flu shot while I was pregnant because I know the importance of Flu protection with little ones in the house.  I am also obsessed with washing my hands and you can tell this by looking at the poor bloody fingers that I have on each hand!

I can now rest easy knowing that my family's risk of getting the flu is LOW.  How am I sure of this?  Well, I recently downloaded the WheresFlu App on my iPhone and it told me that only 0-5% of the Population in my town is affected with the Flu!  What peace of mind!  I am sure you are wanting to know how you can find out if your family is at risk of the Flu.  Check out WheresFlu App for yourself.  It's available for use on the Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

Maybe you are wanting to know how the WheresFlu App works.  Well, WheresFlu measures weekly activity for cold and flu based upon real-time reposts of symptoms from SDI FAN (a source used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).  I am impressed (and also happy that I don't live in Fort Smith, Arkansas or Fort Wayne, Indiana because they are HIGH risk cities!

Besides hand washing and getting the flu shot I also make sure that my family takes their vitamins everyday.  What are some ways that your family tries to stay healthy?  I need all the help I can get now that we are a family of 4 and each day is a new adventure!

**This is a sponsored post through the Momtrends Blogger Outreach program for WheresFlu**


Elana said...

Thanks for the info!!

Where can I sign up for the Momtrends Blogger Outreach program?

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