Friday, March 18, 2011

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning and Up-Cycling

Being eco-friendly isn't something that I do because it is popular but rather because it is the responsible thing to do.  I want to leave the planet is good shape for my sons.  I want them to love the Earth and everything in and around it.  I want to teach them about being good stewards of the Earth.

I have this box of things from when I was little that contain things that I was saving for my daughter (if I had one).  I have treasures that I have collected over the years including Precious Moments figurines, really nice snow globes and a fantastic Music Box.  Since I am not having any more children I have decided to send these treasures to my niece.  I know she will love them and treat them just right.  This part of my up-cycling efforts makes me happy.

Teaching a newly 3 year old boy about reducing, reusing, recycling and up-cycling isn't all that easy.  He has a love for the moon and the planet so I tell him it helps the moon and the planet to stay healthy.  He seems to get that part of it.  I guess, for now, that is all that matters.