Thursday, March 10, 2011 Review

Dexter's potty training journey started when he was 19 months old.  He decided that he wanted to use the potty for the first time.  We didn't push him in any way so we just went with it when he showed interest.  We stopped for a little while and about 6 months later he showed interest again.  He loved peeing on the potty but pooping was a whole other story in and of itself.  Once Dexter started pooping on the potty regularly we started naked potty training!  It was fabulous a success.  After a few short weeks we were accident-free and officially out of diapers (except at night).  I had read that night time potty training can take years to master and I got scared.  We started using nighttime diapers and we started realizing that he would go days without using them at night!  WOW!  I got spoiled.  I am happy to say that we have been diaper-free for quite some time now.  I am not saying that there aren't nights when we have an accident but by limiting his liquid intake prior to bed and creating behavior charts we have been quite successful.  Dexter loves racing downstairs in the morning to put a sticker on his chart.  I love that he is developing his sense of pride!

Recently I was introduced to  Of course, I had to check out their behavior and chore charts. I made a behavior chart for Dexter's Overnight Potty Success.

What I really like about the site is the fact that you can customize your chart with ease.  You can pick any kind of "sticker" that you want and you can keep track of several accomplishments at a time.  I also like that you can easily scroll through the months to see how the progress is coming (or not!)  Kids and adults alike can easily use to make charts and to-do lists.  How much does it cost you ask?  Its my 2nd favorite 4-letter word FREE! (Yes, my fav also starts with F).  There is nothing to pay and your account is super easy to set up!

The only drawback to this site (for me) is the fact that Dexter, being newly 3, isn't as tech-savvy as I am so we lose the appeal of an actual IRL (in real life) sticker.  The manual process of sticking it to his chart is the best part for him other than his prize!

No matter what your charting needs, has you covered.  I would highly recommend this site to parents who need a great tool to use to track their children's accomplishments.

**I was compensated for this post but opinions are 100% mine**