Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robyn O'Brien-The UnHealthy Truth

Very rarely do I come across something (on YouTube nonetheless) that stops me dead in my tracks and catches me with my mouth gapped wide open.  That was true until I found Robyn O'Brien.  Robyn is a mother of 4, Founder of the Allergy Kids Foundation and author of The UnHealthy Truth: How Our Food is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About it.

I have often wondered why there is such a great rise in food allergies.  I couldn't tell you one person in my circle of friends that had such an allergy when I was growing up.  No one worried about serving peanuts on airplanes (but then again I remember people being able to smoke in the malls too!) and no one worried about anaphylaxis, especially in their children.  What has happened?  Have you ever known a young child to be plagued by childhood cancer?  I unfortunately have and when my friend told me that her doctor told her it was a case of environmental leukemia, I just about lost it!  This is why I don't allow parabens, phthalates and other known toxins into my home.  I know too much.  Like Robyn says "I can't unlearn it".  I can't wait to get my hands on Robyn's book.  In the meantime I urge you to watch this YouTube video (yes, I know it is 18 minutes long but it feels like 5 minutes).  You will laugh, you will cry but I dare you not to be moved and perhaps a little angry!

I would love you to comment here and tell me how this video has affected you.


smilinggreenmom said...

Love this!!! Thanks for sharing this video - Robyn is so inspiring :) As the mama of a food allergic child, it's awesome info and education and really says so much about why we have done a 360 with the foods we choose to eat in our home and the products we use! Thanks girlie XO :)

bettycd said...

My son had food allergies he ourgrew in his first couple years.
I've always assumed there is a thin line there and they could recur so we are careful with our food choices.
And I agree, Robyn puts across a thoughtful and inspiring message in the video

JennieSister-in-law said...

That was so scary, sad and invigorating all in one. I did not want her to stop talking, Thank you so much Maggie for sharing this! There will definately be more changes made here in our home and also sharing this information with others. Thanks again I was truly moved.