Monday, May 9, 2011

Its Crunch Time!

Summer is around the corner and it is time for me to get my groove on!  I will not only be turning 30 on July 11th but I am also in 2 weddings in June so its crunch time for sure!  I need to lose this extra baby weight once and for all.

Recently I was sent an array of Nutrisystem products to try out from TV Top 10.  They sent me the Apple Strudel Scone, NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal, Mac n Cheese, Vegetarian Chili, Chicken Parmesan and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.  To be honest, the Chicken Parmesan was my favorite.  All I had to do was microwave it and voila, it was done!  It was pretty tasty (paired with a salad) and I felt satisfied.  I also liked the NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal with Almond milk poured over it.  I also liked the chocolate peanut butter bar.  I like that it was chunks of peanuts in it.  The chili and the mac n cheese were so bad that I took one bite and threw them out.  The chili was thick and chalky which is a texture I cannot get passed.  The Mac n Cheese was okay but I didn't think it was worth the calories so I gave it to Dexter for lunch and he gobbled it up!

Overall, I think that the Nutrisystem plan would work for most people because they would get to pick their own food out.  I know what I like and I would be able to order accordingly.  You too can connect with TV Top Ten on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop with their latest and greatest products!