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Friday, September 9, 2011

Thinking Back to 5th Grade

I was in 5th grade when I got my first pair of glasses.  I remember thinking I was pretty cool.  Prior to my need for glasses I went to Claire's and bought a pair of fake glasses because I thought I was so cool *insert the eye roll here*

The older I got the more active I became and the more I started hating my glasses.  My glasses made me sweaty and they always got in the way.  I often times envisioned myself, in my later years, needing reading glasses in order to read the newspaper.  I remember crying a lot about it because it was depressing.  It took a long time for my parents to be convinced that I should try contacts but boy oh boy was I happy when they decided it was a good decision for me.

Now, as a mother of two young boys I think about their need for glasses.  My husband also got glasses in the 5th grade and I bet Dexter and Oliver will need them eventually.  Dexter has already single-handedly broken two pairs of glasses of mine.  How would I think that he would ever be responsible enough to care for his own specs?  Lucky for me there are several great places that I can order glasses online. has a wide variety of choices for frames and shipping is FREE both ways!  They are the sister company of 1800Contacts.  I only ever order my contacts through because they have amazing customer service and they always price match!  How can you beat that?

So, if you are ever fretting your children's need for glasses, have no fear because you have options.  Why pay full price when you can get discount eyeglasses at a much better rate!?

*This is a sponsored post but the story is 100% mine and completely truthful*