Thursday, December 15, 2011

Q-Tips Fun Ideas

There is never a time in my house that you won't find a package of Q-Tips tucked in the bathroom closet.  I love how versatile they are!  When Dexter was really little I used them to clean out his little tiny fat rolls as well as his outer ears.  I also like to use them to clean out the dog's ears and clean the grout in the shower. I also love giving a few to Dexter to use with his paints because they are perfect for little hands and clean up easily because you can toss them right in the trash when finished.  There are so many awesome uses from cleaning to crafts.  Look at this cute video to see more ideas:

Q-Tips sent me some Precision Tip Q-Tips and I love them!  They are much smaller which I found very useful when cleaning up makeup smudges.  There is nothing I hate more than to get a little bit of mascara on my lid after I applied my eyeshadow.  The Precision tips took care of the clean up without the need for me to reapply my eyeshadow!  AWESOME!  I also used the Precision Tips to help me dust my keyboard!  It was so efficient and easy.

What do you like to do with your Q-Tips?  Enter your tips by the end of the day today on  for your chance to win a $100 gift card.

**Q-Tips sent me some Q-Tips and a gift card in exchange for this post**


Brenda said...

These new Qtips look great! They will help in fixing my daughter's make up for dance, and I never thought of using them to help clean the keyboard. Great idea!