Friday, December 16, 2011

A Time for Giving and Receiving

A Time for Giving and Receiving
It is always nice to receive; however, it is even better to give. This semester when you rent your textbooks from a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Operation Smile. So, this is not only your opportunity to give, but to receive as well. In fact, you will be getting more than just savings when you rent. You will also receive convenience and a stress free experience.
Campus Book Rentals has been assisting student with all their textbook needs since 2007. They have created a system that makes finding and renting textbooks an easy, fast and an overall enjoyable experience, which if you are familiar with buying your books at the store than you know this is a vast improvement. Since their website is so easy to navigate you can find all the books you need with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once you have paid for your rented books they will be shipped to your doorstep for free. You can then use the books as you wish, including highlighting and writing in the margins. When you are finished with your books you simply ship them back for free. This hassle free experience is also accompanied by flexible rental dates and a thirty day trial period on all books.
Campus Book Rentals has taken all the guessing out of textbook buying, or rather renting. It is simple, rent your books for next semester to save yourself money, and give a child across the globe the chance to smile for the first time.