Thursday, January 19, 2012

I have my Bachelor's Degree, why am I not using it?

Every month when I pay on my 35k student loan debt I am reminded that I am not only still waiting tables and working from home as a Social Media Director.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I can't help but feel as though I wasted my money on a degree that I am not using.

Sometimes I dream that I went to school in Tahiti and developed a rich tan and sexy body as well as my degree in Health Management.  These dreams of mine always involve some warm, tropical climate and a GREAT degree such as a medical assistant schools in miami or a Swedish Massage School in Stockholm.  Ok, ok, maybe the massage school is more of a dream of a topless therapist named Sven with muscular hands that never-tire but that is and always will be nothing more than a dream!!

As an educated woman I consider myself lucky.  I am lucky because no one can take my degree or intelligence away from me.  I graduated Cum Laude with a 3.79 GPA and that is a feat.  I did this just a few short years ago prior to having children.  I applaud mothers who are able to take the time out of their incredibly busy lives to go back to school.  I feel blessed to be where I am today but I know that I am far from done with my schooling.  What are your educational goals?  Have you completed your education to your satisfaction or are you like me and you feel like you are a life-long learner?  My grandmother turns 96 today and she once told me (many times actually) that in order to keep your body going, you need to keep your brain strong.  She reads a lot and is very educated.  I look up to her in regards to her strength and fortitude!

No matter where you are in your educational journey.  Whether you have a GED, diploma or some college classes under your belt there is one thing I know for sure are smart to be reading Super Savvy Mommy!


Karen Sima said...

I can relate to you. I graduated with BFA in animation arts. It is such a small and competitive field, with no real practical real world value. I went back to school for web design at my local community college and I have been getting more jobs with the skills I learned.