Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mean and Green Cleaning Tip #1

I constantly get asked how I avoid chemicals and toxins in the laundry room.  Now that people are becoming aware of the dioxins and carcinogens in most detergents (All Tide and many others) as well as fabric softener, they are wanting to make the switch.

Making the switch from Downy/Bounce to a cheaper, ecofriendly, green alternative is EASY!  I am here to show you how!

Here is my laundry room staple: homemade "Dryer Sheets"

1. Start out with a sturdy baby wipe tub and fill it 3/4 with tap water

2. Add 4T of your favorite green fabric softener.  I use ecoSTORE USA's fabric softener (which cannot be purchased anywhere!  I happen to have an extra one to give away to one lucky winner!)

3. Cut 3 brand new sponges in half and place them in the solution

4. When you fill your dryer, gently squeeze 1-2 sponges depending on the size of your load and toss them in your dryer.  (I find that in winter I always need 2 sponges)

5. When you empty your dryer simply toss your dry sponges back into the tub for future use.

You will notice that your laundry is starting to get static-y again after awhile and to remedy this, simply add another tablespoon of fabric softener!

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jmcgregor1882 said...

That is a really great tip for homemade dryer sheets! Thanks! I will be trying this out :)

nicolle said...

How about you save a few $ and purchase Shaklee's chemical free dryer sheets that are also recyclable as they are made out of paper! Totally safe, green, and easy to use!