Tuesday, July 17, 2012

American Pickers and Dual Survivor

I have been thoroughly enjoying watching Animal Planet and History Channel lately.  NEW SHOWS to enjoy!  I love Greys Anatomy, Dexter and White Collar so who doesn't want a little variety?

One of my favorite shows on the History Channel is American Pickers.  American Pickers personifies everything that is good and holy in America....Americana history.  Mike and Frank drive around the country "picking" through people's stuff to find treasure!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I have seen the duo uncover vintage signs, machines, robots, various chests of drawers and a ton of other neat things.  Honestly, every time I watch all I can think about is rummaging through my Grandparent's basement looking for the next big score.  How cool would that be?  I know there has to be some awesome "junk" down there to explore.

Lets now talk about Dual Survivor.  Have you ever seen that show?  Dave and Cody trek through waters, deserts, jungles and frozen tundra.  They show their audience situations that would be common for average people to fall into.  Since they are survival experts they portray an amazing variety of skills that are easily learned.  I have learned how to tie various knots, boil water with hot rocks and cauterize wounds.  

No matter what you enjoy watching I would highly recommend both of these shows to you.  My husband and I love fantasizing over big finds and remote trips through the jungle.  


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