Friday, September 7, 2012

BarkWorld Where Have You Been All of My {Social Media} Life?

Long before I was a Mommy, I was a Mom.  I have always had fur babies and I have an absolute soft spot for my doggies (and fish).  I was recently having a conversation with my friend and she was telling me about how she is going to BarkWorld.  "Bark what?" I asked.  She proceeded to tell me about BarkWorld and how they are the National Pet Social Media Conference.  BarkWorld Expo is the only pet social media conference covering social media, lifestyle and technology as it relates to pet owners and businessesBeing the pet lover that I am and the social media savvy blogger that I am, I was shocked that I was so out-of-the-loop.  Have you heard of BarkWorld before?

One thing that I really love is that Iams is one of their sponsors!  My 7 year old Olde English Bulldogge Daisy has such bad skin allergies that we have to buy very specific (and expensive) food for her.  We feed her and Cooter Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish with Barley and Rice.  Ever since we switched them to this amazing food, he allergies are just a thing of the past. 

I could write on and on about the holistic and natural treats I feed and bake for my dogs.  How I bathe them in ecofriendly shampoo and how I have to be certain to walk my bulldogge a certain way.  

I wish I could personally attend BarkWorld but it happens to be the same weekend as Oliver's 2nd birthday.  You know I couldn't miss that for the world!

How cute are these two sleeping on Mama's bed?
This leads me to this question.  How many of my Green friends have pets and would like to learn more about lessening their pet's carbon footprint, about BarkWorld and other fun pet facts?  I am so glad you do because I plan on bringing more about this topic to you very soon!


BarkWorld Expo said...

No way could you miss the 2nd birthday! But, doesn't mean you can join in on the fun prior (and after). Thanks for the great post and let's do this again :)

PetCareBev said...

Maggie, I'm thrilled to hear that Iams Sensitive Naturals works for your dogs! I work for Iams and I'm really sorry you won't be at BarkWorld, because it would have been great to meet you!

Would you like to hear more from Iams? by visiting and opting in, you give us permission to communicate with you via email. I hope we hear from you!

Bev VZ
Iams Community Manager

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