Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Costume Discounters Halloween Review

Imagine being able to make your son super happy simply by granting his biggest wish.  Recently I had that opportunity and I can honestly say that seeing the look of pure joy on Dexter's face was indescribable.  Amazing!

It all started about 6 months ago when Dexter discovered the Samurai Power Rangers.  He has been obsessed ever since.  In fact, his new favorite color is red because he likes Jayden the Red Ranger the best.  He talks about being the Red Ranger and my husband and I even took it so far as to put up a behavior/chore chart so he could earn his beloved Red Ranger costume.

Super Savvy Mommy teamed up with Costume Discounters to make Dexter's wildest dreams come true {unbeknownst to them}.  They sent me a Red Ranger Costume for Might Morphin for review and my oh my was Dexter pumped when it arrived!  I literally had to peel him off of the ceiling.  He tore it open and immediately stripped down to put it on.

What I love about Costume Discounters:
*If you order before 10am your order will ship the SAME DAY!
*They have the LARGEST selection of costumes I have ever seen
*Customer Service and Social Media excellence!!

What I love about Dexter's Costume:
*I can use it as leverage to get him to do things around the house
*It is pretty true-to-show meaning it looks so good
*The unbeatable cost
*Easy on and off
*He feels amazing and truthfully, that confidence is priceless

If those poses don't speak volumes, I don't know what will!  These are completely his ideas for poses and my husband and I got such a kick out of these photos.

Head over to Costume Discounters today and enter code GOBLIN20 to receive 20% off your purchase $30+ Also, find a better price online and they will match it PLUS give you an extra 20% off!  WOWZERS!

*I received the above costume for review.  I was not obligated to give a positive review.  All opinions and pictures are 100% my own*


Alysia said...

Cute! I love his poses!

Crunchy Frugalista said...

That is an adorable costume. My kids used to love the Power Rangers!

Grandma Juice said...

So awesome! He looks so proud and happy to have that on1 Awesome pose he's got!

Leila Kennedy said...

That costume looks like it fit him perfectly! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely have to check that out for my littles!

Diane @ Philzendia said...

What a cute costume! My son loves the power rangers as well and would love a costume like this!

Melody said...

He looks so cute! Love the costume. I can remember when my little brother liked the Power Rangers. So far my boys are more into Spongebob and the Wonder Pets lol!

Kelly R said...

I love the costume, so cute...

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