Sunday, October 28, 2012

Graco Click Connect 40 Carseat Review and Giveaway

As a member of Graco Nation, I get to be influential and help other Moms {and Dads} make informed decisions about the health and safety of their children.  I get to recommend amazing products from a brand that I know and trust.  I love Graco not only because they make innovative and cutting-edge products but also because they do so with baby's safety in mind.  Their prices are always great and the quality of their products is unbeatable.  My first Graco purchase was a Pack 'n Play and now we own 4 Graco booster/car seats for our 2 cars.

Less than a month ago, Graco introduced their Click Connect 40 carseat, the first carseat to keep your child rear-facing for two years as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Hear what the experts have to say about this new, revolutionary carseat.  

Oliver just turned 2 and even though he is only 22 pounds, he is use to being forward-facing. He isn't the best tester for the carseat.  He fits the weight and height category but he wouldn't last in a rear-facer.  I set out to get the opinions on several Moms.  I wanted to know their honest opinion.  These are the real reviews of three women that I admire.  After looking/feeling the Click Connect 40, these are their reviews:

Jacki, mother of 2 and currently TTC says this about the Click Connect 40: "LOVE that your baby can ride in it until 2.  I really like that you can just listen for the click to know your baby is secure and 8 positions? Seriously? That is awesome!
Honestly, one of the best car seats I've seen. even though most of them say you can keep your baby in them for a year, you can't. They run out of room. But this one has 8 adjustable reclining positions so it's actually realistic to keep them in until two."

Erin is pregnant with her first child and she had this to say about the Click Connect 40: "I dig the Moonstruck color/pattern, I typically hate the overly 'baby' looking seats. Secondly, a newborn to 2 year old transitional seat that has handles and a base is quite nice. My husband has been asking why we need a newborn seat versus a convertible seat-and this actually addresses my issues. Overall, great seat from the looks and specs seem like a great choice for a transitional seat."

Gladah, mother of 3, says this about the Click Connect 40: "'Bucket' seats are already horribly abused in their use outside of the car.  I'm afraid that too many people will use it as a baby carrier rather than actually taking their child out of the CARseat and it'll become the place to store children for all of the shopping trips, restaurants, you name it.  Can you imagine people putting one of those on a shopping cart? Scary! I also wonder about the stability (and proper installation of) the base once you get to those higher limits with the change in center-of-gravity.  How far forward does it go in relation to the back of the front seat?  Seems to me like you could get a Radian for less money and have a seat that would last until they didn't need a seat AND be good for tight fits/small cars.  There's just no good REASON to put that kind of temptation in front of people.  While I LOVE the fact that they are making a rear-facing ONLY seat with a high weight and height limit, it WILL get abused for off-label use."

Super Savvy Mommy's PROs:
*8 positions for optimal comfort
*Safety Rated and Tested
*Graco's reputation is superb
*Priced right at about $100 per year (about $8/month!) and less if you can use it for multiple children
*AAP approved
*Mother Approved

Super Savvy Mommy CONs:
*Might have a child who doesn't like to be rear-facing with older FF children in the car
*Only 2 patterns to choose from

After touching this car seat, clicking it, manipulating it and seeing it first hand I am in love.  I love that the stroller as part of the travel system will support a child up to 50 pounds.  It is sleek, modern and affordable.  What more can you ask for besides a air bubble to encase your child in to ensure they are never injured in or out of the car?!

How would you like to WIN this carseat?!  OMG, really!!!  How amazing is this opportunity?!  THANK YOU to GRACO for allowing me to give one of my readers this amazing prize.  Enter here through WooBox.  


Kallie Greenly said...

These car seats are very cool. I love that there are companies out there, like GRACO, that are listening to the AAP and taking their recommendations seriously. Thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing. Gives me some good ideas in case we decide to have another kid :)

Tara said...

I'm so glad that there are more choices now for kids to be rear facing longer. WTG Graco!

Leila Kennedy said...

I love this carseat! We have a carseat stroller combo already for the new baby, but I am definitely adding this to my wish list. I would much rather have this car seat than the one I have hands down!

Desiree M. said...

I am so sad that I didn't get to attend the Kansas City event. I love this carseat!

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