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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Birthday Party – Differences Between A Boy’s And A Girl’s First Birthday

First Birthday Party – Differences Between A Boy’s And A Girl’s First Birthday
With a little bit of planning, you can make your child’s first birthday party a very special and memorable occasion. A great way to simplify the planning process for a birthday party is to create a themed event. Once you have decided on a fun theme for the party, you can easily coordinate your choice of activities, birthday invitations, party supplies, and desserts.

Although many boys and girls enjoy many of the same kinds of things, here are some creative ideas to help you plan a fun birthday party for your one year old boy or girl.

Your Baby Girl’s First Birthday

Many little girls are already starting to understand the fun involved with feeling pretty and decorated. For these special birthday girls, a princess theme may be the perfect choice. Planning a princess party can be very fun for everyone involved. Make sure that your baby girl has a special birthday dress and headdress to wear so that she feels like the true princess she is. Make sure to let the other kids join in the fun as well, and invite them to come dressed in “royal” attire. Both boys and girls can enjoy dressing and acting the part of royalty.

Another fun theme for a one year old girl is a Mother Goose birthday party. With so many different nursery rhymes to choose from, you can either choose to focus on one story or combine activities and themes from several different nursery rhymes. From party games to story time, a Mother Goose theme makes it easy to select fun activities for your baby girl’s 1st birthday party.

A Birthday Party For Your Little Gentleman

There are many fun themes you can use for your little one year old boy. Lots of little boys (and girls) enjoy playing with trains and toy cars. This can make a great theme for a child’s party. Depending on the type of vehicle your little boy loves best, you may want to choose caps or toy cars as fun party favors.

If your child isn’t interested in cars quite yet, it might be fun to have a monkey or cowboy party. Consider all the games and dress ups you could use. For a cowboy party, your little man could wear a plaid shirt and cowboy boots, and you could seat adults on hay bales. For a party themed after monkeys, you could decorate the play area to look like a jungle and treat everyone with a sweet banana cake.

Make Sure To Plan For Kids And Adults

As you plan your child’s birthday party, make sure that you include adults in your plans. Most of the time, adults like to accompany their children to birthday parties, especially at such a young age. Parents generally don’t expect a lot of fuss, but it can definitely help to have a few treats for them to snack on and adequate seating for everyone.

Final Considerations

Don’t feel like you need to stress out a lot to make a birthday party fun and memorable. With some simple planning, you can have a fun and memorable birthday for your special little one year old.