Friday, December 21, 2012

Month 6 FINAL Shaklee Cinch Weight Loss Update

I have put off this post until the very last moment.  I did this not because I am a procrastinator but rather because by not writing this, I am not really done with my #Cinchspiration challenge.  Lets face it, I have had a blast over these last 6 months and I really don't want to see this journey come to an end.

 My Beginning: 

Growing up I was always an active kid.  I played a lot of sports and I was always running around at night playing kick the can or some other fun kid game.  I would bike everywhere and I never had to worry about my weight.  I was fortunate.

In middle school, being bulimic was kind of a fad and a lot of the girls in my school did it.  I jumped on the bandwagon too as many young, impressionable kids do.  I wanted to fit in.  I wanted to belong.  I wouldn't say that it was something I was compelled to do but rather something I did for acceptance.  Middle school was a nightmare.

Me and My Older Brother at Graduation 1999

In high school I was on the swim team, I taught swim lessons, I played Varsity tennis, I was a Varsity Cheerleader and I golfed.  I loved being active and it was something I did for fun.  Everything seems fun in high school.  I had a lot of friends and I loved my life.  (If you are in high school and reading this I want you to know that you should just enjoy your life because life is AMAZING and full of rewards.  You need to work hard to get what you want out of life but its well worth it).

My Middle:
After high school graduation I went off to college and moved into a dorm.  At first, I walked/rollerbladed everywhere and I loved it.  I went all over my new town and I explored the trails, I swam the waters and I breathed in my first taste of freedom.  I loved being on my own.  I relished my new life and hit me.  As I was going to parties and eating a lot of junk food the weight hit me.  By the end of my sophomore year I was almost 40 pounds heavier than when I graduated high school.  4-0-POUNDS!  Over the course of my college career I managed to gain about 50 pounds and then, a couple of years after graduation, I got pregnant.  Thankfully I got pregnant at a time when I was working out and eating well so I wasn't really big to start.  I did gain about 50 pounds but I lost that pretty quickly thanks to breastfeeding and eating well.

Fast forward to Spring 2012.  Here I was, Mom of 2, wife of 1 and restaurant worker.  I was stressed and my body was hurting.  Something had to give and I was certain that it wasn't going to be my resolve.

My Final Destination:
Last May when I took a leap of faith and applied to be part of this amazing #Cinchspiration team.  I didn't think about it much after I applied because, to be honest with you, I hate disappointment.  I thought about it about a week before the announcement and that next week crawled.  Forward to June 1st when I saw this post.  I nearly fell off my chair because I was so excited.  I admitted that I had a problem with weight loss and someone, no, an entire company, believed enough in me to give me a chance to lose weight the Shaklee way.

It all started with  I bared it all when I decided to do my pictures in just a sports bra and a pair of light shorts.  I didn't want to hide anything because its easy to look skinny under clothes but nearly naked would make me more accountable for my actions.  So there it was, out there on the internet for all to see and to make me accountable.  A few days later, I quit my restaurant job that I loved because I needed a healthier atmosphere.  I needed to NOT be around food all the time and after being at that job for almost 11 years, it was more like a lifestyle.  I made a BIG change because I wanted and needed Cinch to save me....for my sake, for the sake of my children and for the rest of my family who cares about me.

Day One came and I survived.  In fact, I survived Day Two as well. Before I knew it, Months 2, 3, 4 and 5 were in the books and here we are today.  I have been thinking about all of the things that I wasn't able to do before Cinch that now, I am proud to say I am able to accomplish.

1) Before Cinch, I couldn't run up the stairs because my knees would hurt, I would be too winded and my belly hurt.  Now, my kids have a hard time keeping up with me.

2) I couldn't look at a piece of candy/cake/carb without shoving it in my face.  Now, I ask myself "are these calories worth it?"  The answer is almost always NO.

3) I would run by the mirrors and never stop to look at myself.  Now, I stop and stare at my flatter belly and slimmer hips.  I can't believe that this is my body, post kids nonetheless.

4) I couldn't take a compliment because I felt people were just saying "you have such a pretty face...." Now, I have worked hard mentally and physically to be where I am today and I am proud of myself.

5) I was wearing a size 20 pant (the largest size I ever was) and even they were sometimes too tight.  Now, I am wearing a 14/16 and can't believe that I am in my pre-pregnancy pants again!  I never thought I would see that day!

I have learned to take it one day at a time.  I realize that I didn't gain 73 pounds overnight so I knew I wanted to lose the weight at a pace that would allow my mind to catch up so I am intellectually empowered to keep the weight off.  Too often in the past I felt as though I had lost X amount of pounds so I felt I "earned" treats and those treats eventually lead me to the me that was 228 pounds.

I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to represent myself and my blog in the Shaklee #Cinchspiration challenge.  No matter what the outcome I consider myself a winner.  I lost 30.25" and 34.5 pounds.  What I lost in fat, I found in confidence and there is nothing in this world that can give someone that boost (especially when they need it the most).  I found it through amazing friendships (Jacki, Jackie, Maribel, Jennae, Brooke) and amazing products.  Cinch™ tastes amazing, is super easy to fit into my busy work-at-home-Mommy-life and I love knowing that they are all natural and GMO free!

Shaklee Cinch Review  Weight Loss

(What is up with that crazy still shot from the video?  I look like I am in pain!)

2013 is in a few short weeks and this is the year that I hit my ULTIMATE goal of 165 pounds.  I cannot wait to have the "right to bare arms" this summer.  Follow me through this amazing continuation as I know Cinch™will be along for the ride too!

*The Cinch™ program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my candid reviews, honest journaling and future success!  All opinions and comments are 100% my own. No other compensation has been given at this time*


Stacey said...

Yeah! You are such an inspiration to all of us! You look fabulous!!!!!

Jacki said...

You rock Maggie! Look at those before and after pics!!!

Maribel Reyes said...

My dear friend Maggie, look at the amazing you! You look so happy, full of life, full of health. I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished, I'm thankful to have met you and for all your support and cheers. Keep rocking it! :D

Jackie said...

I am so proud of how well you've done and I know that you will hit your goal of 165 lbs! I know this because you're one damn stubborn person and won't give up!

steven said...

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