Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Kitchen Ideas

In my kitchen I hate to waste anything.  Did you know that there is no reason to ever throw away the white tips of your green onions?  Nope!  Just stick them in water and keep them in a sunny place and you will have an indefinite supply of fresh green onions!  It doesn't get much better (or greener) than this!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy 40th {Global Warming} Birthday to My Husband!!

 My husband turned 40 on March 21st.  It was 88º here in Northern Michigan on his birthday (which is unheard of).  It was so nice that we took the kids to our favorite beach right up the road from our house on Lake Michigan.  Dexter thought it was nice enough that he dove right in the water!  He must be a true Pisces because even the Cancerian in me thought that is was bone cold!!

Now, this week, just a mere 8 days later....it is snowing!!!!  Tell me how this happens if global warming isn't playing a hand here.  To learn more about climate change I encourage you to visit the EPA's website.  They have a great little video (which I can't embed here) and some great facts.  Knowledge is Power; educate yourself!
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