Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cottonelle Fresh Care Routine

Growing up one of my earliest memories was going camping with my parents and my brothers.  Before we had a nice camper we used a popup (one that didn't have their own toilet).  My mother always made sure to bring along some flushable wipes to keep us feeling fresh even when we were away from home.

Fast forward to college.  One of the first things I bought for my dorm room was a stash of Cottonelle flushable wipes.  I felt like I couldn't go #2 without them.  My roommates asked me about my wipes (but I already knew that they knew about them because they were disappearing faster than I was using them.  Once I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment I had another friend over for dinner one night.  She too asked about my wipes container on the back of the toilet.  I explained to her that they were to help maintain that "oh so fresh feeling" after you poop.  She laughed and told me that she only thought wipes were for babies.  I interjected "babies shouldn't be the only people with clean smelling butts!"  It wasn't until the next month that I visited Kelly and noticed that she was now using Cottonelle wipes too!  (9 years later she is still buying and using them!)

When I first met my husband back in 2001 he never used a flushable wipe.  I introduced him to many things but one thing thats still in use today are our wipes.  My friends and family all use them now (monkey see, monkey do) and I feel like an innovator since I was the first of my friends to use flushables and now the trend continues.  My husband is always the first person to mention "hey, we're out of wipes!"  This rarely happens though because I stock up regularly.

Remember the cruise I just took with my Mom in March?  Oh yeah, she packed wipes to take with us!  What a great Mom eh?!

One thing, other than flushable wipes, that is very important to maintaining the feeling of fresh is a great toilet paper.  I am guilty of oftentimes buying whatever is on sale.  I recently was sent some Cottonelle
Ultra Comfort Care.  Oh Em Gee is this toilet paper worth its weight in gold.  Not only is it super soft but it is tough too!  I thought that since it was so plush that it wouldn't last long but there is a lot packed on that little roll.  I will forever be an Ultra Comfort Care user, that is FOR SURE!

See for yourself just how clean your bath time routine can be with Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper!  Tell me how you keep it fresh and real when in the bathroom!

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Stanley Steemer Review and $100 GC Giveaway

I love my house.  I love it's location, I love the view of Lake Michigan and I love how calm and serene it is here.  What I don't love are our carpets.  We rent this farmhouse and can't really do much about the carpet.  Having two dogs and two toddlers (and a husband who insists on wearing his shoes in the house) can be frustrating and damaging to carpet.

Recently I was approached about reviewing Stanley Steemer's carpet cleaning service.  I had expectations that this would be a good experience.  I never thought I would LOVE my carpet so much afterward.  My husband and I literally looked at each other at least five times throughout the night and said "wow, I can't believe how different this house feels now!"  My husband even said "I think that now that we have clean carpets and have rearranged a little bit that the feng sui is much more positive in here."  Who has a husband that says things like that?  Not this girl.

I called Stanley Steemer to set up our appointment early last week and the receptionist was friendly and helped me get the day that worked best for me.  I asked her to have the cleaners call me ahead of time to ensure I had time to get all of the living room/dining room furniture out of the house.  She assured me that they would.  She also asked what room(s) I wanted cleaned and I told her.  She gave me a quote based on the room, not the square footage.  This surprised me because my living/dining room combo is quite small.

Forward to Saturday, about 8:30am...we get a call that the cleaners will be here in about half an hour.  My husband and I FREAKED!!  We needed to finish up with breakfast and get the furniture OUT!  When the two Stanley Steemer workers got here they asked if they could help move the furniture out but we were on our last item.  One of them said "this is part of what we do."  That upset me since the secretary didn't mention that at all when we set up our appointment even after my comment.

It took the two men about an hour to set up and clean our carpets.  It was already about 80 degrees outside and I was excited that the carpets would dry quickly (which they did!)  I am astonished with the results of the carpet cleaning.  See side-by-side pictures below to see for yourself how amazing Stanley Steemer is!

Are you ready for some cuteness overload?
Mr. Dexter taking a break from his iPad to watch the crew:

Oliver, Oliver.  All of 18 months and WAY too cute for his own good.  He deserves a post of his own! 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day is such a fantastic day.  I love being a Mom and each day I am reminded just how lucky I am to be Dexter and Oliver's Mommy.  I look at those boys and beam with love and pride.  They are both so different and they have the cutest little personalities.

For Mother's Day my husband built me two 4x8 raised garden beds with organic soil.  He is going to make a small greenhouse over the top until the weather is not as cold at night.  I will be getting busy plating my veggies this week.  I already started my tomatoes and herbs indoors so I am a leg up this summer!

Dex and Ollie ran around my inlaw's house with their cousins all Saturday and Sunday and they were exhausted.  When we got home last night we tried to give the boys a bath but discovered that the hot water heater wasn't working!  I had to bathe both boys in my super small kitchen sink!  What a feat!

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