Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An MMA Workout: The Best One Out There

An MMA Workout: The Best One Out There 

I’d seen an infomercial on the TV about the Tapout XT MMA workout. It was promising results in 90 days, which is what caught my attention. I was a little skeptical at first, but as I began researching the program, I found out that there were a lot of people claiming similar results. Before I chose Tapout, however, I wanted to make sure it was the best one on the market.

RushFit seemed to be the closest in comparison to Tapout XT. They both had a weight loss plan in place to maximize the results. Their workouts centered around cardio and strength training without the use of any machines or being inside of a gym. Simply by watching a DVD, the results could be obtained, which was very enticing to me.

As I began looking at the diet information, both provided support in this area. Their overall packages include a nutrition plan that breaks down what you should be eating for each meal of the day. Both had recipes inside, too, which made it easier to figure out what I should be eating. What was the best part about Tapout was that they weren’t forcing one particular supplement on me.

For the actual MMA workout itself, the number of workouts was different. With RushFit, I was only getting a total of 7 workouts. With Tapout, I was getting a total of 12, providing me with greater variety and working more muscles in my body. This was a major consideration for me because I didn’t want to get tired of doing the same regime day in and day out.

RushFit required the use of dumbbells. Seeing as I didn’t have any, this would have been something that I’d have to buy. I factored this in when I cost the two programs out. RushFit, at first glance, is the more affordable of the two. What convinced me that Tapout XT was the more affordable MMA workout was that it included everything I would need - including a resistance band, training band and even a workout towel.

Cardio was something I was used to and both of these workouts included this. What I hadn’t really done a lot of was strength training. There is a lot of punching and kicking and flexing throughout the workouts that are incredibly intense.

I knew I would have to work to get the body that I wanted. With Tapout, I was able to stay motivated and work my butt off to get the body that I now have.