Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shaklee 180™ Program and Blogger Application

Some of you have asked me about Shaklee Cinch and why you couldn't find the products any more.  Well I am here to discuss with you the reason behind this.  Introducing Shaklee 180™

        Shaklee 180™.  Clinically-tested weight loss products*, and a program that takes you beyond Before & After to your happily ever After-After™  This is quite possibly the last weight-loss program you’ll ever need.  With 180™ you have 90 days to lose the weight and 90 days to learn how to keep it off.  Beyond great products, you'll find a supportive Shaklee 180 community with all the tools and rewards you need to stay motivated, reach your goals and change your habits for good.

There are two kit options with Shaklee 180™:

Turnaround™ Kit
Go from before to after with clinically tested weight loss products* - and a program designed to burn fat, not muscle.

Lean & Healthy Kit
Enhance your After-After ™ with this clinically tested products*, and a program designed to create a leaner, healthier you.

A smoothee for breakfast, a meal bar for lunch and a nice, healthy dinner.  A meal bar for breakfast, a smoothee for lunch and a healthy dinner.  A smoothee for breakfast and lunch....a meal bar for breakfast and lunch.....the options are up to you.  Using 180™ will help you lose the belly fat that you don't like and keep the muscle that you do!  Its that simple!

I am doing a 180™, will you join me?

Are you a blogger who wants to join the Shaklee 180™ program like I just finished?  Apply here by January 31st 2013!  You have nothing to lose other than unwanted weight!  What are you waiting for?  GO GO!

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* The weight loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a preliminary 12-week clinical study.  The Lean and Healthy portion of the Shaklee 180 Program was tested in a 9 month study along with exercise.

**Based on a preliminary 12-week clinical study and skin fold caliper measurements to estimate lean body mass and fat mass.