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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Making Time for Yourself in This Busy World

The world we live in is busy and hectic and most days we don't feel like it will slow down any time soon.  Being a GOOD mommy, wife, employee, friend, sister and daughter takes a lot of work.  Nurturing relationships and helping everyone around you requires sacrifice and hard work but it is worth it.  When do you make time for YOU?

I have to admit, I was one of those Moms who would give and give and never ask for anything in return.  My mood and my weight was affected and there was only one decision to be made: make time for me!  Since last June when I started my Shaklee 180™ journey, I made the decision to put ME first because without a strong, healthy me, my family would suffer.  Ever since that time, not only have I felt a million times better but I know my family has grown stronger too.

You are probably asking yourself how I can make time for me and honestly, it isn't always easy.  Start with something small, perhaps when your children are napping or at school you read a book that you have been meaning to pick up.  I like to use this time to do some arm exercises and squats.  Last year at this time, I couldn't do 1 single push up.  Well, maybe 1 but that was it.  Today, I am able to do 40 in a row.  That didn't happen overnight.  It took time but it was well worth it.  Every other morning, I like to get out and walk 3-4 miles and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze.  With Oliver in tow, we do this and it is just another thing I do for me.  I relish in the fact that I am fully capable to walk long distances and I want to pay homage to that by walking.  I was reminded a few months ago that not everyone can walk and I, by not getting out and doing it, wasn't fully using my body for all that I could....tisk tisk tisk.  

Another way that I like to make time for me is by having dates with my girlfriends.  Sometimes we go out to lunch and sometimes we hit the park for a walk.  I like to do this a few times a month, sans kids because girl talk is crucial to my psyche.  I encourage you to call your bestie and make a date.  You can thank me later.

I am working on my After-After and I am living each day to the fullest.  My body and my mind couldn't be happier and my family, yeah they can feel it too!

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Jackie said...

I have to agree 100%.... it's so important to take time for yourself no matter what it is. If you don't eventually you lose sight of who you are or who you once were.

Crista Hebel said...

I just posted something similar, how ironic! I think you are motivational and appreciate that you keep me motivated, too. Keep up the great work!

Sommer said...

Thanks for being so inspiring and reminding us we need to put ourselves first. Great post Maggie!