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Thursday, June 13, 2013

PTChoices – Physical Therapy Online In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

Last week, just as I was about to leave for a 10-day vacation, I caught the back of my heel on my screen door and ended up in the emergency room.  12 stitches later, I found myself discussing physical therapy options with the doctor.  The ER doc warned me about all of the issues I could run into because of this injury.  I was told that if it doesn't heal properly, I might have to endure some physical therapy.

As I was sitting there all I could think about was "Man, 10-14 days not being on my feet and THEN physical therapy.  I sure don't have time for this."  It took all I had not to sit there and cry.  I hate feeling helpless and I sure don't like taking time out of my day to travel the 30 minutes to town to an appointment.  

As fate may have it, the very next day I was introduced to  The problem with me wasn't that my insurance couldn't or wouldn't cover my needed physical therapy but that I didn't really have time to leave my house.  Being a work-from-home Mom doesn't really allow me that luxury very often. says that; "At PT Choices, we provide alternative physical therapy options that provide access to treatment without roadblocks. Physical therapy should be reliable, consistent and most importantly accessible. PT Choices is a revolutionary virtual portal which provides online access to progressive physical therapists willing to connect with you in an alternative setting.
We simplify the process and ensure patients stay connected to their therapists at home or on the go.   With our help, you gain access to the quality rehabilitation you need to increase your health, decrease your pain and prevent symptom recurrence. 
We provide inexpensive quality healthcare in a convenient format which suits your schedule."

Here are a few examples of some of the services available at PT Choices:

I don't know about you but I certainly wouldn't leave my house for another physical therapy appointment again...not when I know is just a click away!

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