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Friday, August 16, 2013

Box Tops for Education Marketplace Earn Money for School

Now that Dexter is about to start Kindergarten, I know now more than ever how important it is to help his school out any way that I can.  I can volunteer to tutor before or after school, I can supervise at recess or on a field trip or I can earn his school money from my house while donning my PJs and drinking coffee!

I just heard about Box Tops for Education's Marketplace where you can shop from more than 300 retailers online and earn eBoxTops for the school of your choice!  All you need to do is visit the Marketplace and search for the store you wish to shop and BTFE will do all the rest.  All of the retailers offer different eBoxTops so where you shop will depend on how much you will earn.

When I was at BlogHer this year I got a FitBit Flex for running in the Best Buy 5K.  I love my Flex and of course, it just made my husband want one that much worse.  Well, as I was thinking of what I was going to buy at the Marketplace, it hit me-I will be unselfish and buy Jason a FitBit Flex from  Let me tell you, I REALLY wanted to use it on myself and buy a new Coach purse but I took the high road instead.  I believe that in a marriage, it is ALWAYS a good idea to treat the other person with surprise treats because Karma is a powerful force.  It will come back to me someday....someday.

What I loved about shopping on the BTFE Marketplace was the fact that all I had to do was search for Best Buy among their retailers, click through to the site, place my order for store pick up and voila, I had earned one eBoxTop for every $10 I spent.  The savings really add up.  Another aspect of the Marketplace that I love is that I can get my friends and family to sign up so they can earn eBoxTops for Dexter's school just by making online purchases through the Marketplace.  How amazing!

I am happy that I earned money for Dexter's school, my husband is happy that he got a surprise and Dexter's school will be happy with extra money!  Win-win for everyone involved.  It sure feels good to give!

Box Tops for Education and its online Marketplace have helped nearly 90,000 schools across the country earn more than $525 Million since the program started in 1996!  Box Tops earnings are unrestricted dollars that schools can use for whatever they need most--from textbooks, laptops and musical instruments, to playground equipment, field trips and basic classroom supplies.  Learn more by visiting

*BTFE sent me a $100 gift card to use on the BFE Marketplace site and asked me to write about my shopping experience.  All opinions are my own*