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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Candy and Your Weight Loss

This time of year is beautiful.  Leaves begin to change, the air becomes cool and crisp and officially, the holidays are upon us.  Children everywhere clamor about their Halloween costumes and the thought that Santa will soon be here.  Parents, as excited as they are, try to take it one holiday at a time.

Halloween is spectacular as ghosts and goblins abound and parents lovingly tote behind their little monsters from house-to-house.  THEN, it happens...the children are in bed and you, the parent, are faced with a mound full of deliciously, tempting treats!  Chocolate, caramel, nougats, nuts and can you sit there and not want to rip in?

I am here to tell you that it is not even possible but very doable.  I don't see any harm in allowing yourself one piece of bite-size Halloween candy each day but that is where most people have a hard time...just having one.  

If you stay on track and follow your Shaklee 180™plan then a little treat may be just what can make you feel satisfied.  Heck if you really wanted to be naughty and not save your candy for dessert, you could throw it into one of your smoothees, just sayin'!

What I love about this info graph is that it sections it off between King, Full and Fun size as well as candy type.  What do you think is a smarter choice, a carmel apple or a full size Snickers for the same calorie allotment?  No matter what, there is always still a perfectly good, nature-made apple under that thin layer of caramel.

Well, here is the flip-side of indulging:

How do you work Halloween candy into your diet?  Do you indulge a lot, a little or not at all?  What are your weak-

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