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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Prep Sportswear Review

{This is a sponsored post}

You know what time it is, right?  Its FOOTBALL SEASON!  I adore football, in fact, I love the Packers more than just about everything!  Whats not to love about the sport?  Men in tight pants, loud cheering fans, tailgating, snacks, winning and brewskis!  WOW, now that is a spectacular thing!  

Over the summer I was introduced to a really unique company, Prep Sportswear.  Prep Sportswear is the largest direct to consumer e-commerce provider of print-on-demand, customizable apparel serving consumers, media properties, and school and collegiate athletic departments.  The Prep Sportswear offering includes stores for High Schools, Colleges, Pro Sports, Vintage Teams, Golf Courses, Greek, Military, Government, Active Lifestyle Events, Destinations, and National and State Parks.

Upon visiting their site, I instantly search for the Packers.  That is when I found this gem:

Its a vintage Acme Packers 3/4 length sleeve tee.  Notice the Smith and number 17 on the back?  Yeah, I did that!  The process was very easy.  

You pick the shirt, the colors, the graphics and then voila, tell them where to send it!  I love this shirt because it is absolutely soft and it is the perfect fit.  I usually choose Men's shirts when it comes to sports because I like them big {for layering}.  But why stop there?  I knew once my husband saw mine he would wonder if he was chopped liver.  I wanted it to be a surprise so I enlisted Dexter's help to design a shirt for Daddy.  The whole time we were sitting at the computer Dexter was mesmerized that he could make his own shirt.  This is the shirt that he designed:

Of course, Jason LOVED his shirt.  What I loved the most about it was every time he wears it Dexter asks "so when can we make me a neat shirt Daddy?"

I like Prep Sportswear because they are unique, memorable and a one-of-a-kind gift!  Any sports fan would be thrilled to have such a thoughtful gift.  Of this, I am sure!

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*I received items in exchange for my honest review.  I did not guarantee a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I was not offered additional compensation**