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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TalkNotes Plus Review

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I recently became a co-owner of a business with my father. I had no clue what all went into owning a business, so everything is a learning curve for myself. Trying to keep everything in order is proving to be harder than I though. Especially trying to remember who I talked to about what. I recently had the opportunity to try out TalkNotes Plus. Will this Android App make it any easier on this business


 A little about TalkNotes: TalkNotes Plus is a Business Productivity tool that allows you to enter and review notes for your contacts during a call. My cellphone is my best friend in this business. I can store company's name and numbers in there - So I don't have to go through a phone book to find who I need to call. I can take pictures and send them to Vendors and Customers if I need. But What I needed was to be able to find a way to Remember who I needed to contact and WHY I needed to contact them.


TalkNotes Plus has proven to be a life saver. The Past few weeks, I have completely been scatter brained. Too many things going on in my mind all at once leaves me forgetting something. And when I remember, it's a tad too late. With TalkNote Plus I have been able to leave myself notes - either while in call or out of a call - so I know what I need to talk to that client about the next time we talk. For example, under the business number, I Have notes to remind myself that I need to discuss Advertising with my partner. Something that I know needs to be done, but it seemed like I'd always forget when I talked to him.


Some other features of TalkNote Plus are: 
* Extended Caller Identification
* Set Appointments and Reminders Integrated to Google Calendar 
* Automated Activation of App on Call Pick up or Hang up for Easy Note Taking 
* Backup and Recovery to Cloud 
* Export Call Log to MS Excel 
* Galaxy Note S-PEN integrated; save writing, drawing, along with picture and sound as note attachments.

 Even after only having the app for a week, I have been able to start to get somewhere with organizing all my business contacts. I cant wait to keep putting this app to the test! You can purchase TalkNotes Plus at the Google Play Store.

*This is a sponsored post.  I received compensation in exchange for my post.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  All opinions are mine*