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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hallmark Channel SpiritClips-Without a House

As a parent I feel that it is important to be aware of what your children are watching whether it be on the TV or the iPad.  Dexter, being almost 6, has a propensity to scour YouTube for the wackiest and craziest things to watch.  I don't mind the Bushman or other zany stunts but I do mind vulgarity, nudity and other sassy things that a child under 17 should not be watching.

Recently, I was introduced to SpiritClips, and immediately I was drawn in.  SpiritClips from Hallmark is a family-friendly movie subscription service showing films that inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. SpiritClips from Hallmark meets the demand of people seeking inspiring, heartwarming films and stories. 

Subscribers can enjoy uplifting movies, including Hallmark Hall of Fame® movies, SpiritClips Original Short Films and thoughtfully selected Hollywood classics, online, stream-to-tv including Roku® and on supported mobile tablets, Xbox 360 and phones.  

SpiritClips also has a moral code that I adore; their orginal productions are Dove Foundation certified and approved and SpiritClips will never feature films that contain: R rating, excessive violence, language, or nudity, irreverence, political agendas or divisive social issues! 

What I love the most is that there isn't a movie available that I wouldn't let the kids watch because I trust SpiritClips and the Dove Foundation.  You can stream it anytime, anywhere and that is a total bonus on car trips or long outings with the little ones.  What does it cost?  Now you can sign up for a 1 Week Free Trial to subscribe for $4.99 per month or $35.99 annually!

While perusing SpiritClips, I came across a BUNCH of titles that I know the kids would love but I also found Without A House.  The short film is about 4 minutes long so I decided to watch it while taking a break from work!  Seeing as though it is the Christmas season, I feel that this wonderful holiday can completely get blown out of proportion and that people forget to be grateful and what they are truly grateful for.  This short film reminded me what Christmas is all about.

Without A House is a story of a young family man who is looking for work during the Great Depression.  It is an animated short and one that is done marvelously.  I loved the attention to detail and how "real" it felt especially seeing as though it is animated.  In the beginning of the film, we discover that the man in the story is turned down from work.  Before you know it, the man is rummaging through garbage cans around town.  At first I assumed he was looking for food to feed his family.  He found a candy bar, sardines, a wine bottle and many other necessities.  It isn't until the end of the film that you discover the reason he was searching the garbage make a very special Christmas gift for his young daughter.  {I don't want to give too much away because this film is special and should be seen by all.}  It reminded me about the true meaning of Christmas; to take the time to give from the heart, no matter how poor you are, so that your spirit can be lifted and those around you can feel the warmth that you radiate.  

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