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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Credit Union-Make Your Money Matter

I have had several bank accounts in the past.  I am married to a man who has also had several bank accounts, for personal and business matters.  One thing that we have in common, financially, is that we have always maintained an account with a credit union.  Now I don't know about you but when I hear the words 'credit union' and 'bank' I think of two separate entities.  When I hear 'bank' I think of a place that you "park" your money in and that is it.  When I hear 'credit union' I immediately think partnership and friendly!

Growing up, my first account was at a credit union.  In fact, I still have that account today.  Its funny to me only because I live 6 hours away from that credit union and once in a while, ok, more than I care to admit, I get a text from my Dad that reads "thought you might like to see a movie on me.  Put $$ in your account.  Love you-Dad"  I am a 32 year old wife and mother who still gets money from Daddy, how cool is that?!  

It has been about 15 years since I moved away from my hometown to attend college and when I go into my credit union there, they all know me.  Its pretty special to feel that sort of attention.  This past summer, I was trying to surprise my husband and buy him a camper so our whole family could start to go out and adventure {is that a verb?} so naturally, I took to my original credit union to assist in my loan.  I didn't have to visit there.  I didn't have to do much.  They knew so much about me because of my long-standing relationship with them that over-the-phone they gave me a loan!  How amazing is that!  That is customer service at its finest!

Now, in the town that I live with my husband and children we have a joint account at a local credit union.  The funny thing about that is that this is the same account that my husband opened when he was 13.  The super funny thing about this is that his Mom is still on our account. We just haven't taken her off.  It doesn't bother me.  I actually giggle sometimes if there is a new teller or someone that doesn't know me {doesn't happen now but did in the beginning} they would confuse us or be very puzzled.  Her name is Maureen and I am Maggie so naturally they were very confused.  Now, when I come in they laugh and say "Good Afternoon Maggie, what color suckers would the boys like today?"  That, right there, is personalized service!  Service that you wouldn't see elsewhere!

I am completely in love with my credit unions and I am not afraid to shout it from the roof tops.  I tell everyone that I know that has had a bad run-in with their bank to make the switch.  Most do and I can't count how many thank you cards I have received!  That is the power of your money, staying local and speaking for itself!  That is the power of the credit union!  Make your Money Matter and join a credit union TODAY.  Your money will thank you and your family will thank you!

*This post is sponsored by Make Your Money Matter, in association with PSCU, though all views expressed are my own*