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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Adventurers with Auto Parts Warehouse

With nearly eight in ten leisure travelers opting to drive versus fly and an approximate 46% of these travelers looking for adventure [1], it is a safe bet that someone on most consumers’ holiday lists is planning to hit the road in 2013. And, while most people may not think of auto parts for holiday giving, has a list that can help outdoor adventurers pack the gear and take it on their next excursion.
Auto Parts for Christmas Gift Ideas
Despite the difficult recessionary times, outdoor recreation has grown 5% year-over-year since 2005 [2] and this only looks to grow as the economy continues to improve. A key part of this growth is what consumers spend on the gear for their favorite sports – a whopping $120.7 billion a year on outdoor recreation products [3]!
With all that spending on high-tech gear, every adventurer prefers to bring his/her own gear on the road – whether it’s a bike, a boat, skis, surfboard, kayak or hunting rifle – but sometimes the vehicle can’t handle the load so the outdoor adventurer is forced to leave their own gear behind.
With easy access to auto parts online, consumers can think outside the box this season – instead of giving the gift of ‘more stuff’ for the garage, why not give the gift that lets consumers take it on the road? Plus, many of these parts are easy to DIY, saving dollars that can be spent on holiday giving.

Get Hitched

For the “person who has everything” (including every bit of gear), consider helping them hitch up their next adventure. An unexpected gift is a high-quality trailer hitch that can be used to tow or tote just about anything – a trailer, a boat, a racecar, etc. Most hitches are surprisingly easy to install, requiring just basic hand tools. (Note, bigger trucks and heavier loads will likely require professional installation.) Review your vehicles’ hauling specs found in the Owners Manual and the weight of your loaded trailer and gear to choose the best hitch solution.

Santa’s Little Storage Helper

From roof racks that permanently mount to a truck or Jeepto a cargo box that attaches to existing load bars mounted on a sedan or wagon, outdoor adventurers will be able to load everything they need and secure it properly. And most storage solutions are super easy to install.

Toughen Up Their Truck

For a holiday list with a truck owner on it, a bed mat or liner can help keep thetruck clean and looking sharp. If his/her outdoor hobbies include dirt, sand, snow, water, motorcycles, boats, camping, bicycles, horses, kids (or even being friends with people who ask for help moving), a bed mat or liner is an affordable gift that will be appreciated everyday and is easy to install.

A Different Kind of Hoodie

Here’s one that the average adventurer probably doesn’t even know he needs…a hood protector. Long rides to lakes, streams, mountains and deserts always result in the same dilemma – bugs, rocks and road grit all over the front of your truck or SUV. Help them protect and deflect the face of their pride and joy with an easy to install hood shield – not only does it protect, it also adds a custom look to the ride.

Don’t Tread on Me

It might not be sexy, but floor mats are the outside adventurer’s best friend. And these are not your dad’s floor mats, but are designed to specifically fit each vehicle, using factory mounting points/anchors where applicable. Help them keep the sand, snow, mud, water and reindeer droppings in their natural habitat – not in their ride. And they are easy to install.

Light Up Their Holidays

Long drives on lonely roads to a favorite ski resort or setting up and tearing down campsites at night can be a real challenge. Extra light is always handy outdoors – giving some bright vehicle lights will bring a smile everything they flip the switch. (Note: most lights come with a wiring harness, relay and switches are required.)
Whatever their pleasure – golfing, biking, boating, skiing, surfing, kayaking – easy to install auto parts that are easy to purchase online can help them get it to their next adventure this holiday season.
All products are available in a range of prices and custom fits at


Amy said...

You gave me a great idea of what to get my hubby for Christmas! We just got a "new" truck (well it's a older truck, but new to our family). The carpet is so worn in it - and it is in Desperate need of Floor Mats! And they cant just be the cheap 'ol kind... They need to be durable... I'll defiantly check out the site and see what I can find