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Monday, February 10, 2014

Dyson DC59 now available at Best Buy

I have owned a Dyson for almost 6 years years now.  I had always wanted one and my lovely husband bought my first Dyson Animal for my first Mother's Day.  It was love at first suck!  I loved the power, the suction, the hose's ability to get up high into the ceilings for cleaning and I loved the canister action.  You can see it working!

It wasn't long after I received the Animal that I knew I needed a cordless Dyson so we went with the DC35.  It was everything that I wanted in a small canister vacuum.  It had the best suction I had ever experienced in a handheld vacuum and it was very convenient.  I love all of the attachments and I especially love that it lasts quite awhile on one charge.  That was......until I met my DC59!

Since I have owned a Dyson vacuum before, my expectations were pretty high when it came to trying out the new DC59.  I couldn't wait to tear it from it's package so I could get it charging!  I haven't owned a Dyson with the slim attachment so that, in and of itself, made this vacuum a marvel.  

While my new DC59 was on the charger, I got busy.  I have a small hallway that links our mudroom/entry way and the living room.  It is approximately 6x3 and it gets the most traffic by our family and our dog.  I took my Dyson upright and vacuumed that hallway three times.  The third time, I didn't get much up from the carpet.  I waited about an hour and then my DC59 was ready.  To say I was blown away by how much was being vacuumed up would be an understatement.  A total understatement!  Lets just show you!

This piece of printer paper is loaded with dog hair and dust/dirt that my upright left behind.  My upright is only 5 years old so I was very surprised that it didn't have the power that my new Digital Slim DC59 has.  I read about my new treasure and was surprised to learn that it not only has 3 times the suction of any other cordless vacuum in use but the new V6 motor = 50% more power than V2 (my old cordless) and it performs like an upright!!  To be honest, I don't even use my big upright now that I have the DC59!  Its light, weighing in at a mere 4.65 pounds and it lasts over 26 minutes on ONE CHARGE!  It does take 3.5 hours to charge this vacuum fully but I just put it on the charger when I am done and then I don't have to think about it until I need to use it again.

One thing I learned about my DC59 that blew my mind was that it has a V6 engine that spins at 110,000rpm (5 times faster than a Formula One racecar engine).  Isn't that a WHOA fact?!  This definitely is evident in the above picture!  I have used this vacuum over and over again, in fact I have probably used it at least 20 times since I received it and I am still shocked by its cleaning power.  It was so evident that I love the DC59 so much that my Mom went out and bought one right away!  That speaks volumes for this powerful machine!

The DC59 retails for $499.99 at Best Buy and it is, in my mind, a solid investment.  The filters are easy to clean which makes it allergen friendly and the amount of power in this small, compact vacuum.  I will continue to tell everyone I know about this amazing Dyson vacuum!

What would be the first thing you clean up with your new DC59?

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free*


Jacki said...

Dude! This looks like one awesome vacuum! I know I would clean my kids playroom first. I'm always worried that it isn't clean enough.

Amy said...

I finally got a dyson this past month. I don't know what I ever did without one

Sara Lehman said...

I really want one of these!