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Monday, March 31, 2014

New Shaklee 180® Snack Bar Flavors

"How does it taste?"  That is always the first question people ask me when they hear that I use Shaklee 180® products.  When caught noshing on a bar, I get people that say "that will fill you up?" I always say the same thing "the bars are delicious and they are very filling!  I am not hungry and sometimes forget when its meal time because of it."  A diet cannot be successful if you're hungry all the time and I am sure that is why Shaklee 180® works.  It works because the products are delicious, healthy and they don't make you feel as though you are deprived.

Look at the close-up of the new Shaklee 180® Cherry & Almond snack bar?  Doesn't that look sinful?  I adore the huge chunks of cherries, almonds and the sprinkling of white chia seeds.  It is the perfect combination of sweet and chewy.  I could eat them for every meal they are that good!

One thing that I can never get enough of is coconut and the Shaklee 180® Chocolate & Coconut snack bar certainly didn't disappoint.  The coconut is finely shaven over the top of the chocolate bar for an extra oomph!  I liked both snack bars a lot but I think my favorite is the Cherry & Almond.  Who doesn't love that combination?  Its decadent but healthy and like all Shaklee 180® products, they contain leucine. 

From the Shaklee 180® website: 

"What's Leucine?  Leucine is an essential amino acid that helps with protein synthesis. In other words, it's a one of 9 building blocks of protein that can only be obtained from the diet. It's present in protein-rich foods including milk and other dairy products, tofu and other soy foods as well as fish, chicken and lean meat.
Once absorbed, leucine goes directly to muscle tissue, where it activates a chain of events that ultimately creates lean muscle. Think of it as cash to build a home—the home being muscle. When you have enough cash, you can pay the contractor to buy the equipment they need to build your home. Similarly, when you have enough leucine, your body can start making muscle protein. And the more leucine you have, the more muscle you can build. 
What Does Leucine and Muscle Have to Do With Losing Weight?On most weight loss diets, you end up losing muscle in addition to fat. That's because when you take in fewer calories than your body needs , your body has less energy to fuel basic biological functions. To make up for that, your body breaks down muscle proteins for energy. This is bad because its your muscles that help burn calories. Here's where leucine does its magic while you lose weight; by stimulating protein synthesis it helps your body preserve muscle mass while you lose the right kind of weight—from fat, that is. In turn, your metabolism stays up, which is the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for the long haul."
Check out my guest blog post on Shaklee's blog to learn more about A Day in the Life of Shaklee 180®  What flavors do you love and wish to see made into a healthier version?

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