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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Suggestions from Grandpa Shorter's

Being a Michigander is something that I take very seriously.  I love living in Michigan.  I love the beauty that surrounds me everyday, I love the water and everything it possesses and I didn't even complain {very much} about the looooong winter this year.  One thing I especially love about Michigan is all the neat little towns that you can visit on a leisurely drive.  One town, nestled on Lake Michigan, is Petoskey.  Petoskey has the best downtown shopping with a plethora of stores to visit; each one being unique and different.  Grandpa Shorter's is hands-down, the most positive store I have every shopped.  It radiates warmth and charm and there is no way you could walk out of there without purchasing one of their many unique items.  Not local to Petoskey? No worries, Grandpa Shorter's has an online store too.Jason always gives me a hard time every year around Mother's Day because I never give him a list.  He is going to be excited because I finally put together a list and he can either drive and pick it up or have it shipped right to the house.  The last order I placed, I received in 2 days!

For Camping or for our backyard bonfires

Michigan pudding stones were formed in Canada over one billion years ago by volcanic activity and later moved by glacier ice sheets. These conglomerates are found in only a few areas of the world. Each area has pudding stones that differ in color combinations, depending on the types of rock that were fused together by the volcanic activity in that region. 

You had me at bacon!

There are very few things better than Brownwood Farms Cherry Preserves on a buttered english muffin!

This would be perfect on the wall of my wet bar!

Leland Blue-isn't this stone heavenly?  Its the color of Lake Michigan

What is on your Mother's Day wish list?

*I was compensated for this post.  I was asked to share my Mother's Day gift ideas with you.  All opinions and ideas are 100% my own*