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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Niagara Falls-Family Style

Since my last post, my wonderful adreneline-driven family has been on-the-go!  We have traveled more than 2000 miles in the month of July and we have had some epic adventures.  We love traveling and we do it a lot.  I like to think that we were made to travel.  17 hour road trip in 5 days with two kids under 6?  Sure, why not!

We left Northern Michigan on Thursday around 4am and headed to our first destination, Niagara Falls, New York!  I had never seen the Falls from the US so I was excited to share the experience with my husband and the boys.  Dexter is at the perfect age where he understands a lot of things so he was really excited by the idea of a "giant waterfall".  I will never forget driving into Niagara Falls, we were driving over a bridge to get into the city and Dexter noticed some water rising in the air and he yelled "Its the FALLS" to which we told him it was just the air carrying the water into the air.  That didn't come close to the level of ridiculousness when he got to see Niagara Falls for the very first time.  He squealed and was so excited.  At 6 years old, all he could think about was diving into the water.  I laughed and told him that wasn't possible!

It was pretty late at night when we checked into the Sheraton at the Falls in Niagara and everyone was tired.  I am a Starwoods Preferred Guest so we get some perks for staying at participating hotels {like staying on the 6th floor with extra amenities here} but we brought our bulldog with us so we had to stay on the 2nd floor.  The rooms are very spacious and clean and the beds were so comfortable!  We decided to call it an early night so we could get up and sightsee in the morning.  We ordered some pretty great pizza and wings from Mister B's and they delivered it right to the hotel. 

The next morning, my birthday, Dexter and I woke up before Daddy and Oliver so we took the dog for a walk.  We went down to Starbucks {in the lobby} for a birthday cake pop and coffee which was so nice.  I rarely get to have alone time with Dexter so I cherished every second of it.  We took Daisy down around the block and by the time we were back, the rest of the crew was ready to see the Falls! We had a 7 hour drive to Vermont later that day so we planned to see the Falls and plan what we wanted to do when we came back 2 days later.

Dexter and Oliver skipped the whole way to Niagara Falls State Park.  Did you know that it is the oldest State Park in the United States?  Pretty awesome, eh?! 

I am a history freak so I love anything that has a great story and rich history behind it.  Reading about the beginnings of the Niagara Falls State Park was so intriguing.  So much so that I took a picture of it!  

I could elaborate about how gorgeous the Falls are but I will spare you the words and share some pictures because we all know that a picture is worth a million words...

Take on the Maid of the Mist Boat Ride

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight...

From the deck during the Cave of the Winds tour!

My perfect little family!

Maid of the Mist helped me catch this spectacular sight

Dexter, bring the cutest and sweetest little man

Pretty neat to see how all of this works!

Here is our posh room at the Sheraton at the Falls.  The beds were fluffy, the artwork was chic and the amenities were over-the-top!

I would highly recommend visiting Niagara Falls, NY on your next family vacation.  My husband and I had a blast together and the kids, what Dexter had to say about our vacation.  PREFACE {I gave him my iPhone and said, "say a few things about our vacation."  This is a 6 year old's take on Niagara Falls, NY  I cannot handle how cute he is!!}

Here is a picture of Dexter just before he got soaked on the Hurricane Deck on the Cave of the Winds.  It was by far his favorite thing that we did.  We literally had to pull him off of the Deck because he wanted to stay there "forever".  Honestly, truth-be-told, I wanted to stay forever, too.  Next time, I am going to eat and drink my way around the city and report back to you!

*We received complimentary passes and hotel rooms in exchange for a candid post.  All opinions and pictures are 100% our own.  We were not obligated to write a positive review*


Coupon Savvy Sarah said...

What an amazing adventure with your family! Niagara Falls is on our list of places to visit soon with our daughter. I went when I was younger and it was beautiful so I cannot wait to take the family and revisit such a gorgeous place! Thanks for sharing the tips about lodging and such - I wouldn't even know where to start looking to stay!

Jen said...

Oooh. I love Niagra Falls! I've been there a handful of times, but only on the Canadian side

The passport restriction makes it too expensive for our family of 10 to go to Cananda, so we are definitely planning on going to the US side in the next year or so!