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Monday, November 3, 2014

How do you decorate your home for the holidays?

As soon as the hustle and bustle of Halloween died down and we found ourselves driving to the grocery store, from the backseat Dexter asked "can you please play Santa Baby?"  My first reaction was NOOOOO WAY but I know how much he loves Christmastime and I said" wait until the snow flies!"  He grumbled but agreed.  Me, I like to look forward to holidays and not overlook a single one.  

This is the first year that I went all out and decorated for Halloween.  I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  I also sourced all of the decorations from Goodwill! I paid $2.50 total for the cute ghost candy dish, pumpkin tea light holders and the witch!  Outside, I paid $1.25 for each of the super cute yard decorations.  We have since added a black kitty to the mix!  

Decorating for Halloween was so much fun and is something I would like to carry over into the other holidays.  My neighbors always put on a spectacular light show for Christmas and the kids always oooh and ahhh over it.  Don't tell Dexter, but I noticed that they already have lit up three of their huge pine trees in their yard!  Oh bring on the Christmas decorations...said no one ever in the first week of November! 

While I was out shopping for Halloween decorations I did notice quite a few other vintage home decorations that inspired me to maybe think about added to zest to my everyday style.  I saw lace pillows, velour and satin framed prints and some really neat old bottles and such.  I just saw a super cute hundred year old marriage license framed in the most ornate frame.  The certificate itself was so lovely and vibrant.  So cute and affordable.  I was really blown away.  

What kind of decorator are you? Minimal, go all out or do you not do anything?  I would love to hear all about it!


Jacki said...

Depends on the holiday for me. We go all out for Christmas and Halloween. But most others are minimal.

Just Short said...

sadly, I dont do much in the way of decorating. I'm traveling too much and the holidays kind of sneak up on me. Someday, when I retire I'll decorate more.