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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Splash ID- The Best App to Keep Your Passwords a Secret

How many times have you logged in to a website with a password and your iPhone has asked if you want to remember the password?  How many times do you think, "yeah, why not, its only my email?"

I don't know about you but the thought of Siri remembering my passwords for websites, especially Ebay and Paypal terrifies me.  Why you might ask?  Imagine losing your iPhone and some stranger finding it.  Imagine that same stranger then being equipped with your bank account numbers AND passwords and the passwords to get into your credit card accounts too!  Scary isn't it?

Thats what the creators of SplashID realized too before they created SplashID. For over 12 years, SplashData’s SplashID has provided a seamless way to store and lock the confidential information of over 1 million users with smartphone and tablet apps, Mac and Windows desktop applications, and web access. 

Ok, so SplashID isn't just for iPads and iPhones, it can be used as a desktop application too.  How nice would it be to collect all of the loose pieces of paper floating around your desk drawers that have miscellaneous passwords scribbled on them and store them into one convenient place?  Thats what I thought!

SplashID 8 offers a unique combination of features and benefits like never before:

• Access:  Only SplashID provides free, native, secure apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web, plus a browser plugin for Chrome. Version 8 updates for SplashID’s native apps on Windows Phone, BlackBerry, other browsers, and USB drives are coming soon.
• Choice of sync and storage: You decide how to store and sync your records with convenient cloud sync, local network Wi-Fi sync, or on-device storage.
• Touch ID login for iOS.
• Customizable record types and categories keep your information organized.
• Photo capture feature quickly and easily stores credit card information using your phone’s camera (iOS and Android).
• File attachments: Upload photos, documents, and add notes to any record for reference

Geeky features/benefits:
• Protection features include 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication.
• Secure sharing: Safely share records with other SplashID users or even those who don’t use SplashID
• Automatic SplashID Backup service to ensure your data never gets lost.
• Security dashboard provides usage statistics and tools to monitor and fix weak, reused, and old passwords.
• Web autofill saves typing in usernames, passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers and delivers the correct address from your secure data vault every time to prevent phishing.
• Refer a friend to SplashID and both parties receive a 25% discount on SplashID Pro subscription.

Look for yourself how clean and easy-to-use SplashID is for iOS.


My Opinion:
I have been using SplashID for a week now and I love quite a few things about it.  Not only does it make retrieving a password easy for the user, it makes it equally impossible for a stranger.  I love that it helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your passwords and gives you suggestions for better, beefier security.  I also love that in iOS you can use your fingerprint to identify yourself to the app--GENIUS!

You can follow & learn more about Splash ID here: iTunes Google Play Website Windows Twitter

How do you think Splash ID would provide you with protective peace-of-mind?

*I was provided with a copy of the app and an incentive for sharing.  No other compensation was offered. I was under no obligation to post a positive review.  As always, I only share things that impress me. All opinions are 100% my own*


Just Short said...

I could use this. Im forever forgetting my passwords and I bet this would help.

Amy said...

i love the fingerprint feature. i never let my phone remember passwords just so nothing gets stolen

Sara Lehman said...

This sounds like a great app!

Jacki said...

Your fears are my fears! This seems like a great app. Thanks for letting me know about it.