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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Major Depression Disorder

As the society changes, so do the diseases among us. Believe it or not, most of the diseases are a product of men’s work. We are heavily influenced by our environment and all the things that surround us. This especially holds true for any mental illness. Brain is perhaps the most fragile part of the body. It regulates all the processes in our body, one way or another. When a person suffers a heavy trauma, especially during childhood, the same individual is heavily susceptible to mental diseases. In these cases,our mind shatters under the burden of reality. We are unable to accept the facts as they are so we bend the reality within our brain in order to make them more acceptable for us and to prevent a total system breakdown.

One of the most usual mental diseases that plague the men is depression. This is a condition that can be often exhibited by men and women of many different ages. Its symptoms are low self-esteem, feeling of guilt, anxiety, lack of interest for things that were previously amusing and fulfilling, problem with socializing and it can even lead to suicidal tendencies. The person in question is usually feeling really bad about the things that are surrounding him and he doesn’t show any desire to exist in certain time and place. In some cases, this condition even translates into physiological disturbance such as loss of sleep, problems with stomach and digestion, erratic breathing etc.

There are several causes for this disease such as the biological, psychological and social. Biological issues are product of erratic behavior of neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. This behavior directly causes depression. There are some people that have a high potential of depression as a product of their psyche. These individual usually exhibit negative and pessimistic behavior. In some cases, they have problems with socialization and self-esteem as part of their persona. Although these are not crucial things for developing depression, they set up a strong starting point. Lastly, there is a social factor. This is the most common factor and it is usually the trigger for depressive behavior and thoughts. Individuals that have issues in life are likely to develop the symptoms. Some of the main causes are childhood abuse, bad or awkward relationship with parents, poverty, inability to perform or give results in school or work etc.

The modern medicine and online drugstores have provided us with numerous anti-depressives that help us counter depression on daily basis. One of the best ones is Wellbutrin XL which you can find in any Canadian online pharmacy, like the CIPA certified It effectively cures major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder and it prevents suicidal tendencies. You need to consult your doctor before taking this drug if you ever had head injuries, brain tumor, seizures or any kind of brain trauma, diabetes, manic depression, kidney, liver and heart disease, problems with blood pressure or narrow-angle glaucoma. It is imperative that you take the medicine as the doctor prescribed.

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