Friday, November 20, 2015

Super Savvy Holiday Gift Guide for Her-Zabada

I have been told all of my life that I am different. I do not fit within the confines of normalcy and I definitely march to the beat of a different drum. I enjoy my eccentric life and as I grow older I find myself drawn to people who share the same passions, ideas and loves as I do.

Ever since I started this blog nearly 7 years ago, one thing that I promised to do was to share my journey of being crunchy and keeping chemicals out of my house. Once one makes a commitment like that, I find that its not all that hard to get use to. If it wasn't for ecostore and Ology products, I would have had a really hard time in the beginning. Brand trust is the key to success!

A couple of months ago I was perusing the web and I came across a Zabada. I read that their patented microfiber cloths clean better with just water than any cleaner on the market. Ok, they had my attention. How can this be? To be honest, I was skeptical...very skeptical. I went to their website to learn more because they definitely piqued my interest. Thats when I saw the video below. To say I was floored was an understatement! Watch for yourself!

Now that you have seen what Zabada can do for you, I want to tell you how easy it is to use Zabada in your life. I received the floor cleaner pole & head along with some cloths for cleaning and polishing. So here I am, looking at this rad orange and gray apparatus and I think to myself "I can't wait to prove them wrong. There is no way this is going to tackle two little boys, husband and bulldog grime-no way!" Well, here I am to happily tell you I was 100% wrong. 


This revolutionized the way that I looked at cleaning my floors, honestly. It took zero time to set up and less than zero time to get use to. Imagine, a reusable dust cloth that does everything that your traditional broom does but with zero bending over with a dust pan and a lot more finesse. Who doesn't want to look like Tom Cruise dancing/sliding around on a clean floor while cleaning like a ninja? I, for one, most certainly do. The turning power of the cleaning pole is second to none-truly!

After dusting my floor, I squirt a little water, add my high shine floor fiber and voilá my floors are shiny and clean! I know it sounds to good to be true because thats exactly what I thought too until I used it!


I live in an old farmhouse that was built in 1865. To say that it is dusty is just so far from the truth. It is uber dusty. There are always dust particles in the air. When I first used the Zabada dusting system I was absolutely blown away by how much dust was actually in my house. I couldn't believe that I was essentially "pushing" the dust around my house for years with a Swiffer rather than removing it--which is exactly what Zabada did. The glove was an absolute game-changer for my ceiling fan not to mention all of my baseboards, electronics--you get the picture!

In the spirit of honest reviews I have to say that this was the hardest product to get use to. The kitchen is a scary place to be. Bacteria and germs are prevalent not to mention things like salmonella eek! So trying to clean with only water with the kitchen handy was, to me, anything less than handy. The cloth is small {like the size of a large sponge} and I was intimidated. Shhhh don't tell anyone that I was intimidated please because I don't want to lose my street cred. I thought it would be easier to clean my countertops, sink and such with the kitchen glove. I am pretty sure that would be a lot dreamier but for all intensive purposes, the handy does get the job done and its a little more affordable, too. I should have had this review done months ago but I just couldn't let go of my kitchen hangup. I thought that maybe I would just write about the floor and dusting aspects but realized that wouldn't be fair. What I do LOVE LOVE the handy for is cleaning my dishes! Water only and my precious All-Clad non-stick pans are sparkly and clean. Kitchen handy also treats my cast iron very, very well. Cast iron is only suppose to be cleaned with water anyway so it truly is a match made in heaven. 


  • Lasts for 2-3 years saving you a lot of money over the years
  • Cleans with only water which also saves a lot of money on cleaners
  • Zero waste-keeps paper towels and other disposable cloths out of the landfills
  • Easy to use
  • Machine washable 
  • Durable
  • No harsh fumes to make you lightheaded or dizzy while cleaning=less dangerous
  • Zabada's promotions can't be beat
  • Save enough for kids to use-no more harmful toxic cleaners

  • Initial Investment 
  • Hard to ditch the cleaners and trust that water can do the trick but IT CAN and its so rewarding!

Overall I am so pleased with how amazing Zabada cleans. It truly amazes me each and every time. I also love that my kids can help me clean and I don't have to worry about their little perfect bodies being exposed to possible carcinogenic cleaners. I would EASILY give Zabada a 5 star rating! 

TIP: If you don't have the money to make the full investment right away, check out Zabada's amazing promotions that they have going on. There is always a fantastic deal but the deals change giving you more opportunities to add to your collection. 

Right now the Mini Bundles are such a FABULOUS price that it would make the PERFECT gift for that special someone in your life. If your Mom/Wife/Sister/Partner isn't familiar with Zabada, you can always print off some of their amazing stats on their site and include it in the wrapped box. Show you care by giving them a gift that is not only healthy but smart and thoughtful!

*I was sent product to review in exchange for this review. I was not obligated to write a positive review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.


Jacki said...

These sound amazing! I also have two boys, a husband, a dog, AND a daughter. My house never seems to actually be CLEAN. I think I must try these. Thanks for sharing!

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