Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for the Family

With Christmas just around the corner,  if you're anything like me, your Christmas shopping is far from complete. I always convince myself that there are more days to get my shopping done. 

Like every year, I have compiled some of my favorite gift ideas for your kids, spouse, neighbor and I can't wait to share them with you. I'll let you in on a secret, too! There is still plenty of time to hit Walmart, Target and the like to get these gifts, too! Super Savvy Mommy tested and approved!

Dexter is a Skylanders FREAK! He loves everything about them and he is really excited about the new Super Chargers line. As you can see his Christmas list for Santa is about 75% Skylanders! He just recently broke his radius and ulna in his left arm so he was out of school for well over 13 days. His fingers are still swollen little sausages and his arm is still bothering him. I started his list for him because I was feeling badly for him but quickly convinced him that Santa gives extra points for letters written by the child! Score one for Mom!

Skylanders Super Chargers Starter Pack is available for Wii U, PlayStation 4, Wii, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and iOS. They run about $39.99 right now and you can pick it up at your favorite video game retailer. I prefer Best Buy for items like this!

Dexter also really wants Pokemon everything. He sure is the perfect example of a 7 year old boy! Finding Pokemon things has gotten easier but the "undeerwaer" is hard to find. You need to look at Kohls or Walmart for those and most are sold out online.

Another thing that Dexter has on his list is the Ollie by Sphero. Thanks to Spyware, he saw an ad for it on my computer so I was more than happy to show him the video about it so when he opens it on Christmas morning he will have some idea of what it is. He was SO GEEKED about it that it was the first thing he told Santa that he wanted when he saw him last weekend.

This thing is so badass that we got one for each of the boys. You can order online at Amazon

We ordered ours through their website on Black Friday and we still have not received them. The company assures us that it will be here this week. I would definitely buy through Amazon especially if you have PRIME because its fulfilled through Amazon which means you will get it in 2 days and not a MONTH like me!

The boys' friend, Laney, has a dance mat and they love love to play on it. I thought they would love to have their own so when I was researching them I came across the B. Mat a Matics Musical Mat. Its under $30, available at Target and has a bunch of different ways to use the mat. Theres even a memory feature that allows you to turn your mat into a Simon (remember that awesome light up game?!). My kids are gonna LOVE this so much! Heck, I had a ton of fun playing with it under the tree!

Oliver, being only 5, has a hard time picking out a few things he wants for Christmas because he wants EVERYTHING. One thing that I know Oliver loves is taking things apart and putting them back together. When I found the Battat Take Apart Crane Truck, I knew Oliver would flip over it! It comes with its own batter powered "drill" that allows you to connect and disconnect all of the parts of the truck. This toy is also under $30 and available at Target. Although the box says for ages 3+, I think being just 5 this toy will be great for him. Its like a grand scale puzzle in 3D!


Here are just a few of our favorite must-haves for this holiday season! What is on your kids' list this year?


Jacki said...

Love all of these! Skylanders Superchargers is also on my son's list. And also Pokemon everything! Ha ha ha! They could be besties.