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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Van's Foods #NationalWaffleDay Giveaway

Before becoming a mother, I never knew that it was possible for two children to be so dissimilar. Dexter is such a kind boy who loves eggs any way you can make them. He prefers egg dishes for breakfast over most anything else. Oliver, on the other hand, is a waffle guy through-and-through. He loves filling each little square with copious amounts of butter and honey until it comes cascading off the side of said waffle. To Oliver, every day is Waffle Day in our house.

Today, August 24th, is National Waffle Day. How did Oliver celebrate? With 3 whole wheat organic Van's waffles. How did Dexter celebrate? With 4!

Some of our favorite waffle topping include: strawberries & fresh whipped cream, peanut butter and bananas, yogurt and berries, butter and honey or syrup or if I am feeling particularly sassy--lingonberry jelly and extra butter!

Just in time for back-to-school, Van’s recently completed a study of 1,000 moms, asking how they experience mornings. They put it into a cute infographic for you to enjoy! Luckily for me, I don't have picky eaters. When the boys were first born, Jason and I made it our mission to start eating the foods that even we weren't crazy about because we didn't want our tastes to reflect onto the boys. We wanted them to be open and willing to try new foods without reservation. What did that do for us exactly? It proved to me that I absolutely LOVE brussels sprouts and asparagus unlike I previously had thought. It also created wonderful eating habits that has the boys begging for fresh fish, liver sausage, roasted veggies and many other foods that most parents won't even bother trying to coax their kids into eating.
I normally don't buy prepackaged foods because they're usually laden with chemicals and preservatives but Van's has been a trusted name in my house for quite some time now. Why? Because of their commitment to health and quality. Learn more about their excellence commitment here.

In celebration of National Waffle Day, I have partnered up with Van's to giveaway some coupons for you to try their waffles for yourself. Choose from their Belgian, gluten-free or whole wheat organic. How can you go wrong?

Comment below with your favorite waffle topping for your first entry. Then enter on the form below. Ends 9/8/16 GOOD LUCK!

Van's Waffle Giveaway


Amanda said...

I like butter and real maple syrup! Maybe some whip cream. I prefer the goodies cooked into my waffles!

*Dusty* said...

I am a butter and syrup kind of girl.

Robin Servetter said...

I love to make my own fresh strawberry or blueberry syrup, it's my favorite waffle topping! Fresh berries, butter, and sugar....heated on the stove, until it becomes a warm, syrupy mixture....mmmmmm!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win, we love waffles around here! <3

Naomi Shapiro said...

I like almost anything on top of a waffle, although lately I've been excited about savory toppings and waffle sandwiches... this pulled pork waffle recipe from work is a current fave:

Kristie said...

Maple syrup is my favorite! :-)

1froglegs said...

I usually only put syrup on mjy waffles, alongside gobs of butter,