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Monday, December 12, 2016

Voice of Play--Get Outside Every Day for #YearRoundPlay

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All year long, as a family, we strive to play outside for a minimum of an hour a day. Sometimes that is difficult in the winter when temperatures are known to dip below zero here in Michigan but even then we get out when the weather permits. The boys love being at the beach, camping, fishing and anything that involves getting dirty! The especially love climbing our century-old maple trees, running through the orchards and riding their bikes up the dirt paths around our house.

Not only is outdoor play important for the boys' physical health, it also helps them mentally focus, stay aware and sleep better. I can totally tell when they were forced to have indoor recess or when they haven't gotten any exercise that day. They just seem cranky!

I especially love when Daddy can take some time off from work (or on the weekends) and join us for outings where the boys can learn how to shoot BB guns and archery. Of course, I could take them alone for that but lets face it, I am not a very good shot! 

Being a Mom of boys has its challenges but I wouldn't trade those smelly, dirty, crazy kids for anything. There is nothing quite like gardening and turning over to see a mound of worms carefully being dug up by the kids for "fishing" or "composting" projects that they like to take on. Oliver loves being outside so much in fact that for his 4th birthday we bought him a Coleman folding shovel so he could get his dig on at a moment's notice.

What are some of your kids' favorite things to do outside and away from electronics?

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