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Monday, January 15, 2018

2018-How the Universe Led me to Yoga with Adriene

I am so not one to make fancy resolutions or shout outs about how "this New Year I am going to be the best." You won't hear me go on and on about a "new me" or a "fresh start". I think thats unrealistic. What you will hear me say is that my goal is to be better than I was yesterday.

Better than I was yesterday, well you are probably wondering what that means. To me, that means that I am a real person and I have real struggles, problems, triumphs and issues. I am a busy Mom and I am a mindful wife. I try to keep my household running smoothly but sometimes laundry piles up. Sometimes the dishes pile up. Sometimes my kids hit each other. I can't control it all but I CAN control me! I have always loved being spontaneous and I love trying new things. I love surprises. So why not make 2018 a year of trying new things and trying to be better than I was yesterday? Sounds like a great personal mantra for me.

So, exercise is such a gross and un-fun topic to discuss. I like being out there in nature and doing things but I hate feeling like I have to go to the gym or I have to go for a walk. I want to do something that I want to make me feel better about each new day. So along with trying new things, yoga came to mind. I have done yoga in the past but its been a long time. I have great flexibility and I love a good meditation session so it made sense to me. I am a big believer in the universe showing you signs and all the signs pointed to a woman whom I have never met or seen on video...Adriene.

I remember vaguely a few months ago or maybe longer a good friend of mine posting something about Yoga on YouTube and how she was really enjoying it. Her post, come to find out just recently, was about Adriene! I didn't really pay much attention to it then. When 2018 was just around the corner and I was looking for more purpose in myself and the newness of the year I was thinking about ways to improve my daily outlook (so to speak). I thought about new dinners to cook, eating more fruits and veggies (we eat a lot of them and our diet is pretty healthy already but theres always room for improvement) and then one morning I woke up kinda stiff. I thought about how long it had been since I gave myself a good stretch and I concluded that maybe yoga or something of the like would be a good thing to bring into my life. It would accomplish things that I have been neglecting. It would restore my flexibility, it would bring me some time to work on meditation/myself and hell, maybe I would lose a few pounds. Then I thought about the crappy yoga DVDs that I own and how much they annoy me. I think that out of all the DVDs I have done in the past only one Pilates instructor, Ana Caban, has made me feel like she is a real person. So, I set out to find a way to do yoga at home and in a way that would not be boring, would not be dreadful and one that I could do everyday because I want to.

Then, it happened. I saw someone talk about Yoga with Adriene (YWA) again in one of my spiritual groups that I am active in on Facebook. I thought, right then and there, that this was the sign that I needed. I should look this Adriene girl up. So I did. The kids were around when I got my laptop out and when I first started reading about YWA I was inspired. Who me? Yes, a workout that seemed far too good to be true. First of all, everyone talked about how much they thought Adriene to be a real down to Earth person and someone they could relate to. CHECK Second, its FREE and on Youtube which I can stream from my Apple TV CHECK and lastly, I can do it from home whenever I wanted and each day would be new and different HELL YES CHECK!! 

So now I have a little idea of what I am going to do, mind you this is right around Christmastime. Then I forget about it with the chaos of the holidays and the kids being home from school on break. Then one day, as I forcibly took the TV over from the kids so I could watch some Rachael Ray while folding laundry the Universe slapped me again. As I folded towel after towel and I got to enjoy Rach cook up some fun new recipe there was a story about a young college girl who had recently lost about 80 pounds. Rach interviewed her and gave her a fresh new look (who doesn't love those stories?) and then the girl said "I owe it all to Yoga with Adriene that I found on YouTube". Say what? Oliver looked over at me and said "hey its that lady you were looking at on your computer!" It was at that very moment that I knew what I needed to do. I NEEDED TO BRING ADRIENE INTO MY LIVING ROOM!

YWA was about to start a 30 Day YWA for the New Year starting on January 2nd and I mentally committed to it! I did it. I took the first, albeit small, mental step to doing something positive for ME! The kids were still home on break so I told myself I would start the following Monday and commit to Monday-Friday of YWA for her brand new TRUE Yoga Journey. YAY! I had a plan, I already have a yoga mat and lord knows I can throw on a pair of my favorite LulaRoe leggings and a tank top and go to town. No, not really because thats what the best part is. I can STAY HOME and still "go to town".

I started 2 weeks ago and I have not only not missed a day but I have relearned a lot more about myself in the meantime. I have been briefly journaling about it each day and will write it all out here week by week. If you are like me and looking for some JOY and ABUNDANCE in your every day life, try YWA, I promise you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I am inspired by your post! I am going to check it out and start my new journey:). Thank you!!

Maggie Smith said...

I am proud of you for taking the step to a better you!