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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Yoga with Adriene A Spiritual Journey

Last week I wrote about my awakening and my promise to myself to get stronger and to strive to be the best version of myself that I could coming into the newness of the year. I am still feeling pretty damn awesome and today I finished Day 18-Surrender with Adriene on YouTube. Today was the last day of the TRUE Yoga journey with her but I started late and take Saturdays and Sundays off. I decided to do that to make the journey more realistic for myself. Weekends are family time and the boys are crazy and life is anything but Zen like it is during the week with me and Blu. Speaking of Blu, have you seen that handsome beast roaming around my IG feed and Facebook? Here is a pic of him getting up on my biznass while hanging with Adriene.

As I mentioned previously, I briefly journaled my thoughts on this YWA True Journey and I want to share them with you. I have had a couple people reach out to me on Facebook and Messenger and tell me that I inspired them to start as well. Well HOLY CATS that makes me smile. If I can show up everyday and do this for myself, I know you can, too!

Day 1-I feel great. I had an awesome sesh!
Day 2- WOW-I am sore but I am feeling taller!
Day 3- So Sore <3 and="" challenging="" p="" s="" stretch="" today="" warm="" was="">Day 4- I am excited to see Adriene today. You guessed it, I am sore! I can barely lift my arms and my back is sore, too!
Day 5- Snow Day for the kids. They stayed away. I am not as sore today and I am motivated!

Day 6- I am not sore. Today was the hardest workout yet.
Day 7- Not sore today either. Salud was full of movement.
Day 8- I am excited to start week 2. I feel powerful, relaxed and so zen!
Day 9- Today my mind was busy but Adriene brought me in. Sequenced. I sweat!
Day 10-Difficult-ish to breathe. Lots of movement. SORE tonight and sore for 2 days!

I hope that reading this makes you want to believe in yourself and give yourself a little something to look forward to everyday! You are worth it!