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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Yoga with Adriene-My TRUE Yoga Journey Days 11-20

Yoga, what exactly does that term mean to you? To me its meaning has changed in the last month. As my yoga journey continues and my mind/body connection deepens; to me, yoga means life. As you likely remember me talking about how I found my yoga teacher through divine intervention {thats definitely what I am calling it now!} and how I decided to start. Then, a couple of days later I gave a recap of how things are going so I can check in and keep myself accountable. I did this by documenting my journey as a reminder of where I came from in my quest to find a better version of myself.

Monday, January 22nd, 2018 DAY 11 Soften: I woke up sore but eager to get on the mat. I was happy and slightly relieved that today's practice was easy on me especially because I needed the extra stretching.

Day 12 Center: WOW what an intense session! Hard core-CORE!
Day 13 Strength and Harmony: Holy Cow I am so sore and we had another huge core workout!
Day 14 Listen: So I really didn't want to practice today. I am so sore and tired. Then I decided that I'd like Adriene to tell me that she is glad that I showed up and that was good enough for me to take the mat. I also hoped for an easier sesh today. Well, I got it!! Mind and body connection. In my earlier blog post I mentioned "going to town" well Adriene said that a few times today and I giggled. Her humor is SO ME! We are like mental twinsies. I <3 her="" p="">
Day 15 Believe: Back and sides are sore. I stand taller now. I am ready for you today, Adriene!
Day 16 Self Love: Great stretch and leg workout. WOW. I discovered that I love my laugh.
Day 17 Charisma: Sore arms, back and obliques. Great practice today, LOVE IT!
Day 18 Surrender: My arms and chest are sore. YWA totally kicked my butt today. Its really hard to do the plank to extension especially when you're a big girl. I struggled and took my first water break in the middle of the practice today after yelling "FUCK YOU, ADRIENE!" at my TV. I felt really bad saying it but WOWzies I don't like feeling incapable of doing something. I guess it taught me to just try again and keep going. Thats all I can ask for, right?
Day 19 Thought: Great calm session. It was EXACTLY what I needed!
Day 20 Awaken: Lots of leg work. I feel so tall and relaxed all the time.