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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March FRESH Yoga with Adriene Day One

"March" Day 1 FRESH-Yoga with Adriene,
     I started my yoga journey on January 8th, 2018 and I challenged my stagnant self to do 30 days of yoga. {You can read about that here} On day two I told myself that if I stuck with it for 2 weeks I would buy a new, fresh yoga mat.

     Well here we are, almost 3 months later and I finally bought myself a new yoga mat!! BOOYAH! I have only missed TWO days of daily yoga in the last 85 days! Once because I was being crazy town taking care of a sick kid and the second because we were on vacation on Good Friday and there was no way to get away with it in my hotel room. I did, however, make it up by climbing three monstrous flights of stairs at Avalanche Bay waterpark! That is something I never thought I would do!

    I cannot believe that I have committed to this yoga journey, stuck with it and am still enjoying it. I enjoy so much about it. I have loved the journey inward. I love getting to know my inner self more than I have ever before. I love wearing pants that haven't fit in ages. I love walking taller. I love walking more confidently and I love myself more than ever before.

   Oliver said to me the other day "Mom, you got new pants!" I told him that they were ones I bought awhile ago and never quite fit into. He asked me if yoga helped me and when I told him it did he said "good job Mom!" That was cool. Then, a week or so ago, while they were on Spring Break, he insisted that he wanted to do yoga with me. I told him he could but he'd need to be quiet. He agreed so I gave him a mat and we started a video. After a minute he quietly asked "when do we do something?" and then after about 3 minutes he quietly got up and left. I paused and asked him what was up and he replied "this is too hard. I can't be still or quiet for that long!" Once he left, I laughed quite hard! He is certainly a character and he loves to exercise so its fun to talk to him about my journey because even at 7, he gets it. He noticed the other day that my muscles are becoming more defined in my arms. He kept asking me to flex and make them "dance". Then once Daddy came home he wanted me to show him, too. HILARIOUS and humbling. Truly.

Today's Video, Yoga Morning Fresh was great. I did it shortly after waking and it not only eased into it but it burned some heat toward the end and I really appreciated the whole flow of it. Adriene continues to rock my socks and makes me motivated to face another day because I look forward to meeting her on the mat! That is an amazing, freeing feeling and one I don't plan to walk away from anytime soon, if ever!